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Supply & delivery of cleaning materialCala2017-11-21
Provision & servicing of sanitary disposal units within cities facilitiesCape Town2017-11-21
Supply & delivery of cleaning materialJohannesburg2017-11-16
Supply of sanitizerQueenstown2017-11-14
Major service of standby generator fuel tank cleaning & situ diesel fuel reconditioning on day tankPietermaritzburg2017-11-20
Supply of vegetable cutting machine & service to laundry equipment: roller ironers, tumble dryers, speed queen washing machinesEmpangeni2017-11-22
Render health & hygiene services for 2 yearsDurban2017-11-17
Laundering of hospital linen for 12 monthsPongola2017-11-17
Pest control services at Bambanani clinic for 12 months (& installation of bait stations for pest & rodents)Wartburg2017-11-17
Pest control for various clinicsScottburgh2017-11-21
Supply of dishwashing liquid soapVryheid2017-11-22
Supply of cleaning services at Kayamandi economic tourism corridorStellenbosch2017-11-17
Supply of garden implements, bolt, sheet metal, vibracrete, line nylon, ICT equipment, phostoxin pellets, bio enzyme granular, drain cleaner, optic fibre & UPSCape Town2017-11-13
Supply & delivery of robotic pool sweeper, backpack blower, valve, pole box, electrical components & hp 300gb sas 10kCape Town2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of IT equipment, furniture, appliances, training, finance management, linen, kitchen supply & housekeeping toolsKimberley2017-11-17
Supply of cleaning material of conservation & rest studioPietermaritzburg2017-11-14
Supply of vacuum cleanersStanger2017-11-10
Supply spares for turfmaster mower & falcon blower mower, recreational items, multimeter, wrench, screwdriver, wheel front, bearing, pipe cutter, welding rod, blade hacksaw, mops, pipe, lighting & fixturesCape Town2017-11-10
Provision of JIMC cleaning services for 3 monthsGermiston2017-11-13
Supply & delivery of toilet hygiene/sanitary equipment for Mpumalanga officeNelspruit2017-11-10
Deep cleaning & fumigation of canteensJohannesburg2017-11-14
Supply & delivery of hand towel & dish washing liquidJohannesburg2017-11-10
Supply & delivery of cleaning materials (including freshner, empty bags, brooms, toilet paper)Port Shepstone2017-11-08
Supply & delivery of cleaning materialPort Shepstone2017-11-08
Cleaning of 283 UDS toilets in NababeepSpringbok2017-11-13
Cleaning of 112 UDS toilets in BuffelsrivierSpringbok2017-11-13
Cleaning of 484 UDS toilets in KomaggasSpringbok2017-11-13
Cleaning of 157 UDS toilets in OkiepOkiep2017-11-13
Cleaning of 202 UDS toilets in Vaalwater, BergsigSpringbok2017-11-13
Cleaning of 302 UDS toilets in SteinkopfSpringbok2017-11-13
Supply & deliver double bucket & wringer on wheels, industrial mops, aluminium handles for industrial mops, dust pans with handles, 30 lt wet & dry aluminium vacuum cleanersPort Elizabeth2017-11-15
Removal of sands & foreign materials from raw settling tank for good final water qualityPhalaborwa2017-11-17
Provision of grounds maintenance & washing of 13 state vehicles for 2 yearsPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Provision of CCTV inspection at Bellevue sewer upgrade & cleaning of existing sewer line, pluging of manholes & overpumpingJohannesburg2017-11-09
Provision of CCTV inspection at Lorentzville sewer upgrade & cleaning of existing sewer line, plugging of manholes & overpumpingJohannesburg2017-11-09
Provision of CCTV inspection at Jeppestown & Jeppestown South & cleaning of existing sewer line, plugging of manholes & overpumpingJohannesburg2017-11-09
Cleaning of rags from sludge mixers which will require disassembling & reassembling of shaftJohannesburg2017-11-14
Supply & delivery of cleaning suppliesGraaff-Reinet2017-11-10
Supply of full pest treatment servicesEmpangeni2017-11-15
Supply TR5 & TR3 toilet roll holders & dispensersLadysmith2017-11-10
Provide pest control services to Cramond & Gcumisa clinicsWartburg2017-11-17
Provide pest control services to Appelsbosch hospital & Emambendwini & Emtulwa clinics for 12 monthsWartburg2017-11-17
Provide pest control services to Efaye clinicWartburg2017-11-17
Provision of porter & messenger service (15 staff), cleaning service (15 staff) for 2 months, & supply of tumble dryer heavy duty industrial typeDurban2017-11-14
Supply of yellow garbage bags 90 litre 100 micron, crepe bandages & bandages plaster of parisEmpangeni2017-11-15
Supply & install industrial washing machine & combi oven/ industrial steamerWinterton2017-11-10
Supply of pest control services at Mayizekanye clinic for 12 monthsWartburg2017-11-17
Supply of pest control services at Efaye clinic for 12 monthsWartburg2017-11-17
Hygiene services at KwaDukuza mortuary for 12 monthsStanger2017-11-14
CORRECTION: Supply of cleaning & hygiene services at Limpopo offices for 32 monthsPolokwane2017-11-17
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