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Supply & delivery of 15 cuddeback x-change strobe flash camera trapsEast London2017-09-26
Supply, delivery & offloading of various audio-visual devices/cabling/componentsRichards Bay2017-09-22
Access control & CCTV for traffic door & cashiersRichards Bay2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of symbol laser hand, software & PLC configuration, supply & installation of projectorCape Town2017-09-22
Hiring of audio visual equipment & related services at Mayors market (27 to 29 September 2017)Cape Town2017-09-18
Audio visual content creation, editing & projection mapping services for 20th anniversary celebratory gala dinner for 500 guestsDurban2017-09-20
Supply & delivery of voice recorder, PA system, projector, fitted cable & 32" LED televisionCape Town2017-09-15
Production of short videos including animation for marketing purposesGermiston2017-09-19
Provision of technical equipment hire for OR Tambo wreath laying ceremonyGermiston2017-09-18
AV technical requirements for Heritage awareness eventCape Town2017-09-13
Supply & delivery of projectorCape Town2017-09-11
Supply of audio-visual equipment & related services for ODTP roadshowCape Town2017-09-11
Supply & install 30 portable boundary floor based screens & CCTV camerasPietermaritzburg2017-09-15
Supply of audio-visual equipment & related services for sustainable tourism symposiumCape Town2017-09-11
Invitation to exhibit at smart procurement expo (SMME)Johannesburg2017-09-12
Provision of technical equipment hire for Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards official openining ceremony (23 September 2017)Germiston2017-09-13
Provision of equipment for hire for OR Tambo wreath laying ceremonyGermiston2017-09-20
Provision of infrastructure equipment & furniture for hire for OR Tambo wreath laying ceremonyGermiston2017-09-20
Supply & delivery of icom ic-m36 marine radio, audio visual equipment & provision of driver trainingCape Town2017-09-14
Supply & delivery of audio visual equipment, projector & softwareCape Town2017-09-11
Maintenance of CCTV camera power for 3 monthsDurban2017-09-13
Hiring of audio-visual for incentive scheme handover ceremonyCape Town2017-09-08
Supply & delivery of mobile CCTV camera, programmable log & plantsCape Town2017-09-08
Supply of bronchoscope, theatre table, oesophageal scope & bronchoscopeDurban2017-09-18
Supply of mediastinoscope, large warming blanket, central venous pressure catheter & autoclave class B table topDurban2017-09-18
Supply of LED head lamp, patient warming unit, flexible endoscopic washer & thoracoscopeDurban2017-09-18
Supply of warmer blood solutions, drager novastar full face mask, warming unit fluid & adult oesophagoscopeDurban2017-09-18
Supply of portable vascular access imaging device, yellow port plus laproscopic access port access system & 24G intravenous catheterPietermaritzburg2017-09-12
Supply & replace 4 DVR laters system record machine & replace 6 faulty cameras at pharmacy deptPietermaritzburg2017-09-12
Supply of flexible fibre-optic intubation scopeDurban2017-09-18
Supply of 2-way foley catheters, pill cam video capsule & rush pinsDurban2017-09-11
Supply of microfilm & archiving services for 3 yearsPretoria2017-09-26
Supply, delivery & installation of additional security camerasPhalaborwa2017-09-26
Supply, delivery, installation & maintenance of security system for librariesMeyerton2017-09-12
Supply camerasBurgersfort2017-09-04
Supply, delivery, offloading, installation & commissioning of audio-visual system for executive committee roomRichards Bay2017-09-04
Supply, delivery, offloading, installation & commissioning of audio-visual system for Empangeni council chambersRichards Bay2017-09-04
Supply of access control & CCTV for traffic door & cashiersRichards Bay2017-09-06
Provision of videography services for provision of 4 to 8 minute corporate videoPretoria2017-09-15
Supply, deliver & install fundus camera & digital refractor / phoropterPort Shepstone2017-09-08
Supply of spectrophotometer & chemistry equipmentLimpopo2017-09-01
Supply of thermal imaging cameraCape Town2017-09-20
Call for submission of photographs for Rejuvenation photo contestCape Town2017-09-07
Develop, create & design content in form of infographics, video, audio, charts & presentation toolkits on 80/20 PPPFAJohannesburg2017-09-14
Provision of audio visual equipmentPretoria2017-09-08
Developing infographic video for municipalityKnysna2017-09-01
Provision of audio visual for gospel icon discovery 2017Durban2017-08-30
Supply & delivery of projectors, mplg-9580 fo bulbs, guide bar, hand file, Ms 382 chainsaw 3.8km forestry saw & blade hacksawCape Town2017-08-28
Provision of sound system, supply & delivery of camcoder & zagg invisible shCape Town2017-08-28
Nominations for national ordersMpumalanga2017-08-25
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