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EXPIRED TENDERS Building Science

Supply & delivery of doors materialsJohannesburg2017-11-21
Construction of skills development centre in PaulpietersburgPaulpietersburg2017-11-21
Construction of skills development centre in NgqeleniNgqeleni2017-11-21
Repairs & refurbishment of skills development centre in Mount CokeEastern Cape2017-11-21
Construction of skills development centre in MkhuzeMkuze2017-11-21
Repair & maintenance of SCD at Kwandelu & Kwalembe WTWPort Shepstone2017-11-22
Supply of tap flow regulatorsCape Town2017-11-22
Repair of furniture: pedestal doors, roller doorsJohannesburg2017-11-22
Construction of 4 tree guards at African buffalo enclosureJohannesburg2017-11-21
Fit & spply hand wash basins at Mathew Goniwe clinicCape Town2017-11-20
Remove & replace door locks at Ikhwezi clinicCape Town2017-11-20
Supply of fibreglass hut for security guard houseJohannesburg2017-11-21
Supply of container for store facilityJohannesburg2017-11-21
Upgrading of main office building in ClanwilliamClanwilliam2017-11-22
Supply & erect carport infront of standby containerJohannesburg2017-11-22
Supply, delivery & installation of water tank stand to Mkhwanazi SouthRichards Bay2017-11-20
Repair & maintenance of existing infrastructureJohannesburg2017-11-20
Remove, supply & install tiling at Reuven distribution controlJohannesburg2017-11-20
Remove, supply & install tiling at Randburg depotJohannesburg2017-11-20
Supply & installation of 4 tanksCape Town2017-11-22
Supply of doors, weatherboard & hardware itemsCape Town2017-11-17
Supply & delivery of corrugated galvanized roof sheets - 27 thicknessPaarl2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of Meranti door 762 x 2032 FLBPaarl2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of mortice lockset 3 lever 3 CP (Union type)Paarl2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of door meranti flabPaarl2017-11-16
Renovation of council chambers in ClanwilliamClanwilliam2017-11-17
Maintenance of boardroomJohannesburg2017-11-14
Supply & delivery of fume hoodsJohannesburg2017-11-21
Supply & install 10000 litre Jojo water tankJohannesburg2017-11-18
Revamp females & males ablution facilityJohannesburg2017-11-21
Upgrade of male ablution facilityJohannesburg2017-11-21
Revamp upper office at Main Admin buildingJohannesburg2017-11-21
Drawing up of plans for removal of dry wall & creation of new office space on 2nd floor of civic centreWorcester2017-11-20
Appointment of health & safety officer for construction of 332 temporal housing units in WatergangStellenbosch2017-11-17
Hiring of labourers with PPEStellenbosch2017-11-17
Supply of garden implements, bolt, sheet metal, vibracrete, line nylon, ICT equipment, phostoxin pellets, bio enzyme granular, drain cleaner, optic fibre & UPSCape Town2017-11-13
Repair & renovation of storm damage at Kwadabeka CHC & St Aidans hospitalDurban2017-11-15
Appointment of architect, quantity surveyor, electrical & mechanical engineers for structural repairs to basement entrance foyer & kitchen areaPietermaritzburg2017-11-15
Repair of damaged sports facilitiesKnysna2017-11-15
Design, quantify, specify & supervise construction of retaining walls in ward 1, 3 & 4Knysna2017-11-16
Renovations at Mohakare officesZastron2017-11-15
Supply & installation of outdoor gym equipment in Kleinmond areaHermanus2017-11-17
Construction of jungle gym at KwaZenzele modular libraryHeidelberg2017-11-13
Design, fabrication & installation of shelvingDurban2017-11-21
Repair & replace broken tiles at Elsies river swimming poolCape Town2017-11-16
Repair of buildings at Elsies River swimming poolCape Town2017-11-16
Replace delapidated IBR roof sheetingCape Town2017-11-13
Replace rusted broken windows & burglar barsCape Town2017-11-13
Replace isotherm ceiling with rhinoboards & repaint interior at Mfuleni hallCape Town2017-11-17
Supply of air vent, packing rubber, toilet brush, pipe insert, optic fibre & drone batteryCape Town2017-11-09
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