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EXPIRED TENDERS Medical Health Professionals

Supply & delivery of laboratory services & supplies at Bhobhoyi WTWPort Shepstone2017-11-22
Supply of medical supplies & refreshmentsCape Town2017-11-21
Supply of tools, vaccine fridge, domestic fridge & digger loaderCape Town2017-11-22
Render pauper burial service for period 1 January 2018 - 30 November 2018Richards Bay2017-11-16
Supply of divers equipmentRichards Bay2017-11-15
Supply of first aid kitCape Town2017-11-15
Calibration of breathalyser equipment nationally for 6 montsSouth Africa2017-11-15
Service all suction points in 5 wards & supply of Y-type peritoneal dialysis sets with drainage tubingEmpangeni2017-11-22
Supply of autorefractor/ keratometer & linear cutter staplersEmpangeni2017-11-22
Supply & deliver of dressings to Mntungwana clinicIxopo2017-11-17
Supply of realo burner transformer & control box of boiler, & upright stationary bicyclePietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply & install coughing boothPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply of silicone tubing 204 autoclavable, sterile guaze swabs, post op waterproof bioceramic wound film dressings, & cannulae without port & wingsDurban2017-11-17
Supply of 2 electric sewing machines heavy duty, heavy duty overlocking sewing machine with accessories & visual field machine,Pietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of green & white llets loops, aspirators mva, paper steri crepe & resuscitation trolleys with accessoriesPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply of CPAC masks with harness, switch pens for llets, blue llets loops & llets ball electrodesPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply & install 2 dental chairs, elastic adhesive plaster bandages & yellow lletz loopsPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Major service for autoclave machine, supply & deliver trolley difficult intubationHlabisa2017-11-21
Pest control services at Bambanani clinic for 12 months (& installation of bait stations for pest & rodents)Wartburg2017-11-17
Pest control for various clinicsScottburgh2017-11-21
Supply of spinal needles set pencil pointNewcastle2017-11-22
Supply of 30 bipolar electrode cathetersPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply autorefractor & keratometerScottburgh2017-11-21
Supply & deliver lockable medicine boxesPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply & deliver screening combination device for tymponometry to Gamalakhe CHCPort Shepstone2017-11-22
Supply & dlivery of gauze swabs sterile plainDurban2017-11-17
Supply of 420 blood alcohol kitsDurban2017-11-17
Supply of table orthopaedic electronically operatedNquthu2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of physiotherapy equipmentKranskop2017-11-21
Supply of scissors, forceps, steel basin, surgical haemostat & catheter leaderPietermaritzburg2017-11-22
Supply of adult yankauer suction nozzles, biopsy needles & tracheostomy tubesPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of absorbent unsterile gauze rolls, self expanding nitinol stents & peripheral nerve stimulatorPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of drill arm covers, angiographic custom kits & lone star elastic staysPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of silastic urethral catheters, sengstaken tubes, & purchase of waste X-ray film & lazer filmPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of biopsy needles, tracheostomy tubes & word intelligibility by picture identification test with picture book & CDPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of ERCP rapid exchange biliary extraction balloon, closed wound suction unit & non-contact tonometerPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of abdo pressure uno meter, lifting pole with adjustable handle & strap, & urine cylindersPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of silastic haematuric 3 way catheters, PRP laser wide angle contact lens, laparoscopic access sheath & inserterPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of radiofrequency cautery knife, spinal needles & argyle thoracic catheter drainPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of hylar connections for use on pin index oxygen cylinder, corneal protection gel & rigid cystoscopePietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of laparoscopic grasper, nasopharyngeal airways tube & pneumoperitoneum insufflation needlesPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of litauer stitch scissors, interguide tracheal tube introducers & thin hydrocolloid breathablePietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of percutaneous tracheostomy tubes, biopsy instruments & sterile needlesPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of arciolane silicone oil syringes, paediatric trocar sleeve & single step locking pigtail drainPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of table top autoclave & trolley, trays, hysteroscope & operative equipmentPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of endotracheal closed suctions, gammex pf powder free latex gloves, & brother toner cartridgesPietermaritzburg2017-11-21
Supply of middle ear analyser, electro galvanised brackets & warming unitsPongola2017-11-17
Appointment of health & safety officer for construction of 332 temporal housing units in WatergangStellenbosch2017-11-17
Supply of youth & adolescent sexuality training for nursesCape Town2017-11-15
Implementation of skills programme related to OHS act 85 of 1993Germiston2017-11-13
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