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EXPIRED TENDERS Language Practitioners

Invitation to exhibit at smart procurement expo (SMME)Johannesburg2017-09-12
Supply & delivery of braille machinePietermaritzburg2017-09-06
Supply & delivery of interpreting equipmentPietermaritzburg2017-09-06
Supply of scriptwriting, translation & 2D design for 700m2 permanent exhibition space at Freedom Park, Gallery of LeadersPretoria2017-09-22
Supply of copy editing & proofreading servicesJohannesburg2017-09-18
Provision of sign language training to employees in Witwatersrand, Northern region & Central regionGauteng2017-08-28
Supply of training in sign language & deaf culture for 30 participants in WorcesterStellenbosch2017-08-30
Nominations for national ordersMpumalanga2017-08-25
Training in public speaking; manage & deliver sound for womens day event for arts & culture branchCape Town2017-08-18
Nomination of members to serve on national language bodiesPretoria2017-08-28
Translation services from English to isiXhosa & vice versaCeres2017-09-12
Nominations to receive national orders - awards for exceptional individualsPretoria2017-08-31
Render transcription services per province for 36 monthsSouth Africa2017-09-04
Tutorial services for adult education & training communication in English Level 3 & 4Johannesburg2017-08-08
Train teachers from schools of hearing impaired learners on sign language for teachers performing at different levelsKing Williams Town2017-08-03
Transcription service for 3 years for Legsato, Cape TownCape Town2017-08-30
Provision of language trainingCape Town2017-08-08
Framework agreement for professional service providers for various resources to be used in various depts/municipalities in SAJohannesburg2017-08-15
Nominations to serve on national heritage councilPretoria2017-07-31
Render company secretariat services for 5 yearsCape Town2017-08-02
Provision of company secretary professional servicesCape Town2017-07-21
Nominations of CATHSSETA organisations to serve as members of accounting authorityJohannesburg2017-07-17
Provision of recordings, transcriptions & translation services for 3 yearsPretoria2017-07-17
Supplier open dayPretoria2017-06-20
Implementation of skills programme on sign languageGermiston2017-06-19
Call for nominations of classifiers to regulate content in terms of Films & Publications ActSouth Africa2017-06-23
Nominations for 3rd Annual Vita Basadi awards (Gauteng women)Gauteng2017-07-31
Nominations to serve on 6 councils of cultural institutions: Afrikaanse Taalmuseum & Monument, Luthuli museum, Msunduzi museum, National English Literary museum, War Museum of Boer Republics & William Humphreys Art GallerySouth Africa2017-06-30
Supply & delivery of 45 box service meters: type secure 8 way ground 1PH 60A for Mpumalanga operating unitMpumalanga2017-06-09
Accredited training for SAQA US ID: 115074, 115076, 115078 & 115079 unit standards for 36 officials on sign language for deaf people in order to communicate & understand deag peopleGermiston2017-05-19
Provision of advertising & translation servicesClanwilliam2017-05-31
Implementation of skills programme on sign languageGermiston2017-05-17
Call for applications from universities for bursary in language studies for 2018/19-2020/21South Africa2017-06-30
Supply of Isixhosa language training & conversational Xhosa training courseCape Town2017-05-15
Supplier development Indaba-workshopRichards Bay2017-08-08
Design & printing of Braille grants agreement formsPretoria2017-05-10
Supply of editing & translation servicesSaldanha Bay2017-05-08
Supply of basic isiZulu training for municipal councillors for 15 councillors - unit standard 119630Pietermaritzburg2017-05-05
Supply of translation services from English to Afrikaans & vice versa & English to Isixhosa & vice versaCeres2017-05-16
Nominations for 2017 businesswoman of the year awardsSouth Africa2017-04-22
Train SAQA US ID: 115074, 115076, 115078 & 115079 under mentioned unit standards for 36 officials on sign language for deaf peopleGermiston2017-04-04
Provision of recording, transcription & secretarial services for 3 yearsPretoria2017-04-20
Capacity building summit for service providersChuenespoort2017-06-20
Geo-location spectrum database, micro-enterprise media engine for broadcast, Smart-Sense, Sanote, data harvesting & collaboration on speech transcription, HLT-enhanced EPUB 3 conversion system, Mobi4D & CloudTutorSouth Africa2017-04-11
Panel of translation, editing, proofreading, interpreting & sign language servicesPretoria2017-04-11
CORRECTION: Language practitioner to undertake work pertaining to interpretation, translation & transcribing requirementsJohannesburg2017-04-07
Supply of travel agency service, pest control & hygiene, advertising & interpreter services for Afrkaans, English & IsiXhosaStellenbosch2017-04-21
Provision of advertising & translating servicesRiversdale2017-04-21
Supply & delivery of printing, design IEC material for promotion of medical male circumcision brochures back to back in English & IsiZuluPietermaritzburg2017-03-17
Supply of professional business writing skills training & mayors table clothsCape Town2017-03-09
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