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Provision of sports event liability insurance coverPietermaritzburg2017-09-26
Invitation to exhibit at smart procurement expo (SMME)Johannesburg2017-09-12
Serve as members of shared audit & performance committee x2 for 3 yearsMiddelburg2017-09-18
Internal audit & riskPretoria2017-09-22
Establish panel of internal audit service & risk management services for 3 yearsPretoria2017-09-22
Appointment of insurance broker for 3 yearsPolokwane2017-09-18
Comprehensive life, long term & short term insuranceJohannesburg2017-09-21
Nomination of persons to serve as non-executive members to board of Road Traffic Infringement AgencyPretoria2017-09-11
Provision of short term insurance for 3 yearsUtrecht2017-09-24
Provision of insurance services for municipal movable assetsBushbuckridge2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of cleaning materials & insurance servicesBushbuckridge2017-09-21
Provide financial advisory services & assistance for financing options for SEC special projectsMbabane2017-09-08
Call for nominations to serve as non-executive members on board of Road Traffic Infringement Agency & to serve on board of Airports Company of SA for 3 yearsPretoria2017-09-11
Design best practice actuarial services operating model to be implemented by GEMSPretoria2017-09-26
Render ICT support & maintenance programme services for Intelligems programme applications, provision of distributed computing environment services for 2 years & render actuarial services for 1 yearPretoria2017-09-26
Nomination of chairperson of risk committee for 3 yearsJohannesburg2017-09-11
Supply of short term insurance for 1 yearCeres2017-09-12
Provison of short term insurance for 36 monthsCape Town2017-09-15
Provide technical inputs on contributory social security coverage of informal sector workers with respect to retirement & risk benefitsPretoria2017-09-15
Nomination of candidates to serve on enterprise risk management committeeSouth Africa2017-09-08
Provision of short term insurance broker services for 3 yearsJohannesburg2017-09-08
Nomination to be appointed as members of SANParks boardPretoria2017-09-20
Supply, repair, replacement & maintenance of electricity meters; supply of short term insuranceKroonstad2017-09-11
Nominations for national ordersMpumalanga2017-08-25
Render provident fund servicesCape Town2017-09-13
Contract claims advisory services nationallySouth Africa2017-09-19
Provision of insurance services & compiling of street address datasetScottburgh2017-09-08
CANCELLATION: Appointment of short term insurance broker for 3 yearsPretoria2017-08-15
Nominations to receive national orders - awards for exceptional individualsPretoria2017-08-31
Serve as member of audit & performance audit committee for 3 yearsBergville2017-08-14
Computation of valuation of long service benefits provision for 3 yearsMaphumulo2017-09-14
Provision of short term insuranceTrompsburg2017-08-24
Panel of service providers specialising in governance, risk & compliance to provide support to risk management plan for 2 yearsPretoria2017-08-28
CORRECTION: Provision of internal audit services, fleet management system & insurance brokerageEastern Cape2017-08-25
Provision of group life insurance scheme for 3 yearsSaldanha Bay2017-08-08
Prepare actuarial valuation of employee benefits for 2 yearsHeidelberg2017-08-04
Provision of integrated claims management systems for 5 yearsPretoria2017-09-26
Invitation to serve on audit & risk committeeEast London2017-07-31
Provision of short term insurance brokerage services for 3 yearsMogwadi2017-08-25
Framework agreement for professional service providers for various resources to be used in various depts/municipalities in SAJohannesburg2017-08-15
Competition for provision of innovative financial solutions / appropriate credit, savings & insurance for people living in rural AfricaAfrica2017-08-10
Raising of R35 million external loanAshton2017-09-01
Provision of risk management support & fully automated risk management system; implementation of contract management systemMiddelburg2017-08-21
Render actuarial consulting services for 5 yearsPretoria2017-08-14
Supply & delivery of short term insurance for 3 yearsHeidelberg2017-08-03
Perform actuarial valuation on employee benefits in terms of accounting GRAP 25Nelspruit2017-07-20
Nominations of members of audit committee for 3 yearsKing Williams Town2017-07-28
Assist insurance division with short term insurance brokering for all itemsBloemfontein2017-08-18
Nomination to serve on audit committeeEast London2017-07-28
Provision of GRAP compliance for immovable assets & updating of immovable fixed assets register; supply of insurance brokering servicesBurgersfort2017-07-28
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