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EXPIRED TENDERS Engineering: Electronic

Supply, delivery & installation of alarm system & armed response at De DoornsWorcester2017-09-23
Supply & delivery of desktop for small business support programmePort Shepstone2017-09-26
Supply & delivery of dry block temperature calibratorJohannesburg2017-09-25
Calibration of equipment (weights & balance)Johannesburg2017-09-25
Supply of Oracle sun X6-2 serverJohannesburg2017-09-25
Supply & delivery of 15 cuddeback x-change strobe flash camera trapsEast London2017-09-26
Supply of Cisco switchesPretoria2017-09-22
Installation of 2-radio system & related accessoriesJohannesburg2017-09-26
Supply, calibration & certification of electricity meter test equipmentPort Elizabeth2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of notebooksPort Elizabeth2017-09-21
Supply, delivery & installation of time clocking machinesPort Elizabeth2017-09-26
Reconfiguration of on-site MS ExchangeKuruman2017-09-22
Supply & installation of firewallKuruman2017-09-22
Maintenance of digital congress system maintenanceKuruman2017-09-22
Supply & deliver digital portable radiosStanger2017-09-26
Provision of managed servicesKimberley2017-09-26
Hiring of audio visual equipmentCape Town2017-09-21
Supply, delivery & offloading of various audio-visual devices/cabling/componentsRichards Bay2017-09-22
Access control & CCTV for traffic door & cashiersRichards Bay2017-09-22
Meteorological calibrationRichards Bay2017-09-21
Supply & delivery of Kocos ME 16.1 DIN-LITE GSM/GPRS modemsRichards Bay2017-09-19
Supply & delivery of AV equipment, double row, overhead coupling, container, sisco, rotor, galvanised ladders, reinforced rubber, beads road making & engineering materialsCape Town2017-09-20
Perform solar powered LED street light installation project in AlldaysMusina2017-09-21
Supply & delivery of programmable paddle jar tester at WithoogteMoorreesburg2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of calibrated, catering thermometers for enviromental health section of HSD departmentGermiston2017-09-22
Sound required for launch of MURP offices at Khayelitsha training centreCape Town2017-09-20
Supply & delivery of symbol laser hand, software & PLC configuration, supply & installation of projectorCape Town2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of spade, knife, multimeter, holesaw, rake, shovel, blade, pick & mattockCape Town2017-09-26
Enterprise licencing of website IDE (integrated development environment)East London2017-09-21
Supply & delivery of Dell removable tapesEast London2017-09-26
Supply & delivery of 3 phase metersMokopane2017-09-21
Lease of copier for 36 monthsMarble Hall2017-09-21
Supply & delivery of petrol breaker jack hammer, rammer petrol & survey equipmentGermiston2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of 8 Intel core 17 notebooks (laptops) with Windows 10Germiston2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of 2 CORS GNSS receiversCape Town2017-09-22
CORRECTION: Supply & delivery of network switchesStellenbosch2017-09-26
Supply & install voice evacuation speakers to existing voice evacuation system, repair/replace faulty existing speakersPietermaritzburg2017-09-22
Major service to medical compressors, theatre GOPD ward 6a & casualty lights, air receiver & UPS unitEshowe2017-09-22
Servicing of autoclave, laundry equipment, airconditioners & coldroomsPaulpietersburg2017-09-22
Supply of diagnostic measure, biosynthetic gloves, blood gas analyser, ultrasound surgical scalpel, audiometer & tympanometer combo screening unitEmpangeni2017-09-22
Supply of visual acuity chart projector & 230V 200W cold light sourceDurban2017-09-26
Supply & installation of 3 double pot sinks, vegetable power cutter, 3 self-generated steam pots & 3 stewing potsUmzimkhulu2017-09-22
Servicing of medical gas bank, oxygen bank, vacuum points & monitoring panelsPaulpietersburg2017-09-22
Supply of 2 cash register machinesMsinga2017-09-26
Supply of manual vacuum aspirator & cannulas to fit aspiratorDurban2017-09-26
Supply & delivery of 15 diagnostic sets wall mountedPaulpietersburg2017-09-22
Network switch replacements & upgradesCape Town2017-09-26
CORRECTION: Appointment of partner to act as single service aggregator for ICT services for 5 yearsPretoria2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of laptops, bags & laptop locksKnysna2017-09-21
Supply & delivery of 3 laptop computersNewcastle2017-09-22
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