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EXPIRED TENDERS Engineering: Chemical

Supply & delivery of round up weed killerJohannesburg2017-11-20
Supply & delivery of laboratory services & supplies at Bhobhoyi WTWPort Shepstone2017-11-22
Supply of chemicalsJohannesburg2017-11-22
Supply of sodium hypochlorideStanger2017-11-17
Supply of chlorine liquid gasStanger2017-11-17
Supply of effective micro-organismsJohannesburg2017-11-21
Hire & service of portable toilets Soetwater resortCape Town2017-11-20
Hire & service daily portable toilets Muizenberg coastlineCape Town2017-11-20
Supply & delivery of oxygenDurban2017-11-20
Pipette controllerJohannesburg2017-11-22
Supply of certified voc standardJohannesburg2017-11-22
Supply & delivery of weedkiller & resin type puroliteJohannesburg2017-11-16
Sampling & analysis of boreholes at Richards Bay & Esikhawini cemeteryRichards Bay2017-11-20
Supply & delivery of herbicides for 6 months starting 01 January 2018Richards Bay2017-11-20
Supply & install industrial saline chlorinatorRichards Bay2017-11-17
Oil samples & test for furan results as per sowRichards Bay2017-11-15
Hire of portable toilets for security guards at pump station for 6 monthsRichards Bay2017-11-15
Supply of divers equipmentRichards Bay2017-11-15
Supply of gedore allen key socket, blade, shears, hose garden, rake, cutterbelt, wrench, ammonia test kits & jigsawCape Town2017-11-15
Supply & delivery of dry granular chlorine in 40 x 25kg drum & 38mm x 1.50m x 3.2mm Scotchfil electrical puttyPort Elizabeth2017-11-22
Supply of 200 fencing iron poles, 40 x 25kg drums of dry granular chlorine & covers for fire hydrantsPort Elizabeth2017-11-21
Supply & delivery of tools for Science & Technology centrePort Elizabeth2017-11-15
Servicing of fire extinguisher & reels inside & outside Tramways buildingPort Elizabeth2017-11-15
Supply, install & deliver gas regulator for inductively coupled plasma (high purity nitrogen regulator, inlet & outlet pressure gauges)Port Elizabeth2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of oil for TRFSPaarl2017-11-16
Microbiological sterile containing 0.5ml of 3% Sodium Thiosulphate sampling bottlesJohannesburg2017-11-14
Supply & delivery of glass petri dishesJohannesburg2017-11-15
Supply of silica gel for desiccatorsJohannesburg2017-11-15
Supply & delivery of 10mm cuvettes for Loviband comparatorJohannesburg2017-11-17
Oil sample analysis & all test for HT transformers, dielectric KV, PCBS, moisture, acidity, DGAJohannesburg2017-11-17
Supply & delivery of weed killer at Driefontein (8 x 25l)Johannesburg2017-11-16
Supply & delivery of tools (butane gas soldering tools)Johannesburg2017-11-17
Calibration of various instruments at Flow labJohannesburg2017-11-17
Supply & delivery of bench top density meterJohannesburg2017-11-17
Provision of transport, tents, toilets, tables, chairs, catering, security services, water & local artist for Mayoral imbizo at Lothair sports groundErmelo2017-11-15
Calibration of breathalyser equipment nationally for 6 montsSouth Africa2017-11-15
Render pest control services for 5 years at King Shaka international airportDurban2017-11-08
CORRECTION: Supply & delivery of chemicals for purification of water & waste water in Standerton & Morgenzon for 3 yearsStanderton2017-11-21
Supply of heavy duty gazebos blue & red, & bottles of ethanol absolute 99.9%Durban2017-11-22
Service all suction points in 5 wards & supply of Y-type peritoneal dialysis sets with drainage tubingEmpangeni2017-11-22
Supply & deliver of dressings to Mntungwana clinicIxopo2017-11-17
Supply of silicone tubing 204 autoclavable, sterile guaze swabs, post op waterproof bioceramic wound film dressings, & cannulae without port & wingsDurban2017-11-17
Supply of green & white llets loops, aspirators mva, paper steri crepe & resuscitation trolleys with accessoriesPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply of CPAC masks with harness, switch pens for llets, blue llets loops & llets ball electrodesPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Supply & install 2 dental chairs, elastic adhesive plaster bandages & yellow lletz loopsPietermaritzburg2017-11-17
Repair/replace infrared detector cell, electronics, pressure, sensor humidity cell, rotary vane air pump 2 solenoids & tubing, membrane, calibrate replaced IR detector, clean flooded & undamaged sensors & components for Pro-Oceanus CO2 ProCape Town2017-11-17
Servicing of fire extinguishers for 6 fixed clinicsPaulpietersburg2017-11-17
Pest control services at Bambanani clinic for 12 months (& installation of bait stations for pest & rodents)Wartburg2017-11-17
Supply & deliver bulk vaccine fridgeWartburg2017-11-17
Pest control for various clinicsScottburgh2017-11-21
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