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EXPIRED TENDERS Engineering: Chemical

Supply, delivery & offloading of oil for 6 monthsRichards Bay2017-09-26
Spraying of water weeds in section of Berg River from Paarl (N1 Bridge) to Gouda bridgePaarl2017-09-22
Supply & delivery of first aid kitJohannesburg2017-09-20
Supply of diagnostic measure, biosynthetic gloves, blood gas analyser, ultrasound surgical scalpel, audiometer & tympanometer combo screening unitEmpangeni2017-09-22
Supply of wound dressings, wound therapy system for burns & recliner couches with drip standsEmpangeni2017-09-22
Supply of urine drainage bag, high compression knitted bandage, hydro-fibre wound dressings & cannulasDurban2017-09-26
Supply of illuminating paraffin, & provision of 4 staff for portering, messenger & cleaning service for 6 monthsDurban2017-09-26
Supply of suprapubic catheters silicone & geriatric chairs with arm restEshowe2017-09-22
Servicing of medical gas bank, oxygen bank, vacuum points & monitoring panelsPaulpietersburg2017-09-22
Supply of catheter with micro-flex cannulaDurban2017-09-26
Supply of manual vacuum aspirator & cannulas to fit aspiratorDurban2017-09-26
Supply of biatain AG foam dressing with silver non-adhesiveScottburgh2017-09-22
POSTPONED: Render services for central chronic medicine dispensing & distribution programme for public sector patients for 2 yearsPretoria2017-09-20
Hazardous waste removal services at Groenkloof campusPretoria2017-09-22
Supply of 30 tons for hydrated lime powder to Bushkoppie WorksJohannesburg2017-09-19
Supply of 60 tons of Ferric chloride solutionJohannesburg2017-09-19
Calibration of online equipment at WWTWJohannesburg2017-09-20
Supply & install poly dosing stations at Voelvlei water treatment plantCape Town2017-09-20
Supply, delivery & setting up of marquee, chairs, fire extinguisher & other itemsGermiston2017-09-19
Servicing & maintenance of water treatment systems for 12 monthsDurban2017-09-25
Maintain & repair fire detection & computerised management system for 1 yearsDurban2017-09-22
Supply of LP gas including inspection & repair gas system for 12 monthsDurban2017-09-21
Service & maintain flow injection analyser, supply, deliver & install centralised wireless tempreture & humidity data logger, service & maintain TOC analysersPort Elizabeth2017-09-22
Removal of asbestos roof sheets - Belvidere & Brenton on SeaKnysna2017-09-20
Manage restoration & invasive plant projects for 8 monthsKnysna2017-09-22
Dumping of asbestos from Wemmershoek water schemeCape Town2017-09-22
Servicing of zoo anesthetic machinesJohannesburg2017-09-19
Refill medical oxygen cylinderJohannesburg2017-09-18
Supply of flocote, signal red pigment & hardnerDurban2017-09-18
Supply of plants, lubricants, chemicals & cleaning servicesCape Town2017-09-14
Supply of valves, ready board, chemicals & plantsCape Town2017-09-19
Hiring of toilets at SkweyiyaQueenstown2017-09-15
Hiring of toilets for heritageQueenstown2017-09-14
Hiring of gas heatersQueenstown2017-09-14
Experimental studies in Fisher-Tropsch catalystMossel Bay2017-09-22
Supply of chemicals, poles & pest controlCape Town2017-09-15
Supply of plants, cleaning & lubricantsCape Town2017-09-12
Servicing of chlorinator & chlorine detector alarm at Bonteheuwel poolCape Town2017-09-19
Supply of fertilizerGraaff-Reinet2017-09-15
Supply of poison to remove foreign invadersGraaff-Reinet2017-09-15
Supply of sodium hypochlorideStanger2017-09-14
Supply of sudfloc & chlorine liquid gasStanger2017-09-14
Quarterly maintenance contract of fire detective & gas suppression systems at premises - central, north & south regionBotswana2017-09-20
Supply & delivery of afri dc line marking machine, white line marking liquid & afri soapWorcester2017-09-15
Servicing of oxygen gas panel & manifold in plant room 6B & 6C, ICU, main theatre, nursery, MER & many other wardsDurban2017-09-18
Supply of endotracheal tube introducers, stockinette, patella hammer, tuning fork, soap dispenser, she bins, handpaper dispenser, & office furnitureEmpangeni2017-09-22
Major services to particle count test & maintenance equipmentGreytown2017-09-21
Servicing of drager type self contained breathing apparatus escape breathing apparatus, multi-gas & personal oxygen monitoring equipmentCape Town2017-09-19
Supply, delivery & offloading of oxygen & acetylene gases at Rooiwal power stationPretoria2017-09-18
Supply of blue antibacterial step-on-matsNewcastle2017-09-20
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