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Supply & delivery of chemical tanks at WithoogteMoorreesburg2017-05-24
Supply of oil transformerRichards Bay2017-05-23
Supply & delivery of medical suppliesJohannesburg2017-05-23
Statutory inspection & service of over-ground diesel tankJohannesburg2017-05-22
Supply of porcelain evaporating dishJohannesburg2017-05-23
Supply of pipettes & sterilization boxes with tipsJohannesburg2017-05-23
Supply of 8 sets of mass piece setsJohannesburg2017-05-23
Supply of ferruleJohannesburg2017-05-23
Supply & delivery of liquid & granules weed killerMpumalanga2017-05-19
Supply of LP modelling trainingMossel Bay2017-05-23
Maintenance of pest control services at national post centre buildingPretoria2017-05-24
Supply & delivery to & from schools, service weekly & maintain hired toilets at La Grange SSS, Mosa Sibi SSS & Bizana district officeEast London2017-05-18
Provision of tents, chairs & toiletsPolokwane2017-05-22
Supply of plants, cleaning & chemicalsCape Town2017-05-17
Supply & delivery of water search & recovery protective gearNquthu2017-05-16
Provision of pest & weed control services at Majuba power station for 2 yearsVolksrust2017-05-23
Collection & disposal of micro lab biohazard wasteJohannesburg2017-05-22
Supply & delivery of Lion alcoblow rapid testersRichards Bay2017-05-22
Supply of personal protective equipment for Sakhiswe water servicesQueenstown2017-05-17
Supply of personal protective equipment for Intsika Yethu water servicesQueenstown2017-05-17
Supply & delivery of 90 boxes for bacteria supplementary (bio-catalyst)Phalaborwa2017-05-16
Provide crane operator, gas monitoring & pump maintenance training, events coordination, repair of UPS, stationery, autosampler, sound, stage, lighting, hydraulics systems, & formulate atmospheric emission license applicationEast London2017-05-19
Analysis of drinking water samplesRichards Bay2017-05-16
Supply & delivery of virgin transformer oilRichards Bay2017-05-18
Supply of paediatric tracheostomy tubes, paediatric uncuffed north facing tube & polydiaxanone undyed monofilamentPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of elzet S light compression bandages, cylindrical diathermy quiver & neonatal continuous in line suctionPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of INGE lamina spreader, 15 degree stab knife & disposable singe use bipolar cablePietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of angiography catheters, V-cath PICC line & neonatal continuous in line suctionPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of neonatal tracheostomy tubes, splinting material & watson skin graft knifePietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of silastic catheters, paediatric negative pressure chest drainage bag & mayo needle holder boxPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of disposable surgeons gowns, arterial catheterization & paediatric uncuffed south facing tubePietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of advanced soft tip needle, PICC needles BD introsyte & disposable surgeons gownsPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of 2.75mm slit knife, splinting material NMC spectrum & polyglactin 910 violet braidedPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of temporary double lumen haemodialysis catheters, disposable plastic hagers dilators & long term retrograde double lumen haemodialysis cathetersPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of rapid exchange short system hydratome, disposable surgeons gowns & gastrostomy feeding tubePietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of vicryl violet coated sutures, llets loop electrode & percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feeding tube kitPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of self-expanding nitinol stents, ivory north nasakk facio maxillo ETT & armoured endotracheal tubePietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of surgical rubber bandage, advanced tip curved scissors & lung retractorPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
Supply of gauze swabs & biofilm dressingsDurban2017-05-22
Supply of gauze paraffin dressings & fine & ultra bursDurban2017-05-22
Supply of adhesive foam dressings, paraffin gauze dressings & tape surgicalDurban2017-05-22
Supply of tape surgicalDurban2017-05-22
Supply of alcohol swabs, cleansing swabs & wound dressingsDurban2017-05-22
Supply of gauze swabs, abdo swabs & tape surgicalDurban2017-05-22
Supply of CT connection lines, hand fill syringes & re-usable patient return electrodePort Shepstone2017-05-23
Pest control services at Standerton for 24 monthsStanderton2017-05-18
Supply & delivery of breathalyser alcohol testersGermiston2017-05-19
Supply of microbiome DNA sequencingPretoria2017-05-19
Supply & delivery of home base care kitsDundee2017-05-18
Provide collection & disposal services for batteries from remotes, pagers & HTC machinesPietermaritzburg2017-05-23
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