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Primary Service: Live Tenders & Quotes


Tenderscan's primary service is our database of live tenders and quotes.  The database is updated daily with tender and quote alerts sourced from over 600 different sources in South Africa.  Paying subscribers can select to receive email notifications of tenders and/or quotes according to their fields of interest, by province or town, or by keyword.


We categorise tender and quote notices into 49 distinct fields of expertise, but subscribers have access to all information in the database, not only those in their primary field of expertise.


Other Services:

  • We also include calls for registration in our database, as these contain information to help bidders to become eligible to quote or tender by registering on relevant authorities' service provider lists.



Live Tenders


The primary service that Tenderscan offers its clients is access to our Live Tender Database - a web-based repository, with a detailed classification system, wide coverage and a rapid turnaround time.


1. Web-Based System


A web-based system like ours has numerous advantages over the 'Do-It-Yourself' approach of scouring newspapers for tender information.

  •  Searchability: All our tenders are categorised by field of expertise and province or locality.  We scan the tender advertisements as well as capture the tender information, so that site users can search by keyword to find tenders in their particular niche.
  •  Accessibility: Our live tender database is accessible to subscribers from wherever they are in the world, provided they have access to the internet.  Moreover, subscribers have the ability to bookmark and store tenders of interest, and because we do not delete tender notices from our site (even after they have expired) tenders in our database are conveniently stored and available for later reference.
  • Notifications: Subscribers are able to set their notification settings so that they receive email alerts whenever new tenders are added that match their selected criteria.


2. Classification by Fields of Expertise


Tenderscan has developed 49 distinct professional categories (or Fields of Expertise) for classifying tender notices. You can learn more about our classification system by clicking here.


Because we realise that many of our clients are more knowledgeable about their field of expertise than we are, we also welcome, facilitate and incorporate feedback aimed at improving our classification system.



3. Wide Coverage


Tenderscan sources tenders from the local media for publication in our live tender database.  At present we source tenders notices from over 600 newspapers and websites every week.


You can view our detailed tender statistics by clicking here.



4. Short Turnaround Time


In order to give you to best chance of preparing meaningful bids, we make it our mission to make the 'turnaround time' - the lag between publication and entry into our database - a short as possible.  In order to achieve this, we are committed to a turnaround time of 1 working day for all tender notices published in South Africa.




Calls for Registration


It has become general practice for authorities calling for tenders to insist that all service providers register on their service provider databases before they will accept their tenders or quotes.  The primary purpose of drawing up such a service provider database is to enable the checking of references before the rush to adjudicate a particular tender, and to block further tendering by service providers who have proved dishonest or unreliable.  A secondary purpose for drawing up such service provider databases is to enable the authority to call for quotes from proven service providers to undertake smaller jobs that do not warrant calling for public tenders.


What this means is that companies and individuals who wish to bid for work need to ensure they are registered on the service provider lists of authorities they want to work for.  Because access to information concerning database registration is so crucial, we have created a dedicated database for 'calls for registration', which our subscribers are able to search when they are considering bidding for work from authorities on whose service provider databases they are not already registered.  This enables subscribers to register before they submit their bids.





Tenderscan sources public tenders & quotes from newspapers, websites, magazines & government publications relevant to tendering in South Africa.  We also include tenders originating in neighbouring countries (Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique) and regional authorities (such as Southern African Customs Union) when these appear to be relevant to South African subscribers.  Where suppliers & service providers are required to register on a database before being eligible to submit quotes/tenders, we include the calls to register.  Calls to nominate members to boards & committees, and calls to enter competitions are also included.