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Supply of lubrication & oil analysis at Grootvlei power stationHeidelberg2016-08-29
Supply & delivery of gas & cylinders at WithoogteMoorreesburg2016-08-26
Supply of laboratory itemsQueenstown2016-08-25
Supply of ovaprim (fish induced spawning agent)Cape Town2016-08-26
Supply of plastic containers with valves/taps, angle grinder, airline tubing, head light, air stones, aquarium fish nets & powerhead external canister filtersCape Town2016-08-26
Supply of dusky kob fingerlings & marifeedCape Town2016-08-26
Call for expressions of interest in refurbishment & re-configuration of alluvial diamond final recovery treatment plant at diamond mine in Alexander BayAlexander Bay2016-08-25
Supply & delivery of statsmart HB meter test strips & disposable speculumsStanger2016-08-26
Supply of bandages & HB metersIxopo2016-08-26
Supply of microporous ceramic cavity dressings, surgical items/theatre instruments, uterine scissors, kidney dishes, spongostam, screens, wash basins, scalesIxopo2016-08-26
Supply of surgical sundries & various masksIxopo2016-08-26
Supply of 2 fridge alarm with after hours notification capability, strips control for HB machine & ENT set mounted to wallKokstad2016-08-26
Supply & delivery of hydrocolloid dressingPongola2016-08-29
Supply of densitometer, thyroid shield, X-ray cassettes & safety needlesMbazwana2016-08-26
Supply of skin staples, haemoglobin test strips & gauze swabsPietermaritzburg2016-08-26
Supply of abdominal swabs, adherent sterile dressings, plaster bandages & ECG adult electrodesPietermaritzburg2016-08-26
Supply of tegardem dressings & diagnostic set GP plus ENT set complete with b bayonet fittingKokstad2016-08-26
Supply of ambu bags & wall mounted diagnostic setDurban2016-08-26
Supply, install & commission medical bedhead ducting in new labour ward in Old ANCScottburgh2016-08-25
Servicing of chlorinators, building hardware & exfo nqms fiber technical supportCape Town2016-08-25
Supply & delivery of kilomax, simazine & kohinorWorcester2016-08-19
Supply of internal laboratory with chemicals for analysisLadysmith2016-08-19
Supply of pest control, cleaning & plantsCape Town2016-08-22
Supply of plants, cleaning & pest controlCape Town2016-08-17
Supply & deliver 48kg gas cylinders with gasQueenstown2016-08-18
Supply of HTH granular & DPD tabletsQueenstown2016-08-18
Sequencing 98 bull ray DNA samplesDurban2016-08-19
Supply & delivery of weedkillerSaldanha Bay2016-08-22
Supply & delivery of stationery & cleaning materialsScottburgh2016-08-15
Supply & delivery of asphalt cold mix & emulsionHeidelberg2016-08-22
Digging up of needles (waste) at Ncotshane & Altona clinicPongola2016-08-22
Supply of ethanol absolute, ethanol rectified, buttered formalin neutral & xylenDurban2016-08-16
Supply & delivery of M27 warmer fluid cabinetPietermaritzburg2016-08-19
Supply of mission HB metersVryheid2016-08-24
Supply of foam hydrofibre dressings, anti-biofilm wound solution, ionic silver alginate foam dressings & hydrocolloid dressingsCeza2016-08-25
Supply of premicath catheter with microflash cannulaLadysmith2016-08-19
Supply of photo therapy billi band to fit neonateScottburgh2016-08-23
Supply & delivery of cleaning materialPaulpietersburg2016-08-19
Supply of pest control services for Umgeni hospitalHowick2016-08-19
Supply of wound dressings & out-patient registerDurban2016-08-22
Supply of various dressings & baumanometerDurban2016-08-22
Supply of various wound dressingsDurban2016-08-22
Supply of antibiofilm gel, durable barrier cream, drapes & spinal needlesDurban2016-08-22
Supply of various wound dressings & paediatric cuffs for baumanometerDurban2016-08-22
Supply of wound dressings & drapesDurban2016-08-22
Supply of catheters & dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-08-24
Supply of electro surgical pencil & dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-08-24
Supply of catheters, spunguard wrap & dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-08-24
Supply of snaring device, neonatal indwelling naso/jejenal tubes & adaptor cleanerPietermaritzburg2016-08-23
Supply of catheters, dressings & urine bag standPietermaritzburg2016-08-24
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