Communication, Public Relations & Advertising (Johannesburg)
Telecommunications (Pretoria)
Engineering: Mechanical (Africa)
Insurance (Africa)
Business Development & SME Support (cape town)


Supply & delivery of fertilizerSaldanha Bay2014-10-22
Annual maintenance/service of fire fighting equipmentJohannesburg2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of 20l Outpace super herbicideMokopane2014-10-24
Supply of hand washing soap, walking frames & sticks, & aquacel AG hydrofibreMahlabathini2014-10-24
Supply of aluminium dip sticks & foldable chairsDundee2014-10-23
Supply of lockers, chairs, desks, curtains, colostomy & urostomy bagsMbazwana2014-10-24
Supply of jelco 24g boxesPietermaritzburg2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of 25kg weedkillerSaldanha Bay2014-10-20
Pest control services at various sitesNamibia2014-10-24
Supply, delivery & setting up of mobile toilets (VIP, standard, disabled) at municipal fun dayGermiston2014-10-21
Supply, delivery & installation of aloe tissue oil processing for ward 4Mount Frere2014-10-21
Supply & delivery of chemicals & equipment: LED projectsNewcastle2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of vaccine units twinrix (hepatitis A & B)Port Elizabeth2014-10-21
Supply & delivery of ammunitionPort Elizabeth2014-10-21
Replacement of vinyl matting, resurfacing of driveways, servicing of medical gas manifold system, power factor correction units & fencing of solid waste areaKwaZulu-Natal2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of vaccine fridgePort Shepstone2014-10-22
Supply of pest control & security servicesPort Shepstone2014-10-24
Supply of similac alimentum, colour coded stickers, radiological hook wires, heater wire & humidifier sterile water for inhalation with oxygen humidifier adapterDurban2014-10-20
Supply of parabellum black shoes, infusion set & administration set for carefusion pumpNongoma2014-10-24
Service & repair of fire extinguishers at Benedictine hospital & clinicsNongoma2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of chemicals & for service of cooling towers at Bram Fischer, City hall, Gabriel Dichabe & Fresh Market ProduceBloemfontein2014-10-24
Supply of dressings, cleaner, sutures, measuring tape, trocar, laryngeal mirror, oil for drills, electrodes, coloplast, silicone sheet, catheter, loops, tubesPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of stents, sutures, penile prosthesis, thrombosis stocking, steristrip,, slippery wire, pigtail drain, catheters, biopsy instruments, tubes, needles, etcPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of linear cutter, stat tack, CVP monitoring set, mesh, bipolar forceps, filters, anaesthetics, autosuture, tubes, electrodes, etcPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of hand basins, gloves, elevator, silicone oil, intradyn, dressings, kamvac suctions, welding torch, linear cutters, needles, catheters, etcPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of mattress covers, fluid filters, gloves, manhole covers, syringes, catheters, cover files, paper caps, repair air-conditionerPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of plugs, catheters, needles, tubes, microsurgical knife, actuator, etcPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply of corneal protector, cannula, camvac suctions, needle connectors, TPN filters, tubes, dilator, stainless steel sleeve, etcPietermaritzburg2014-10-21
Supply & delivery of needles, swabs, surgical tape micropore, transparent film dressings, gauze, shortline smallbore, hand washing soap & brother tonersPort Shepstone2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of vegetables preparation machine, skin staples & suturesLadysmith2014-10-24
Supply of polystica enzymatic cleaner, vulcan tea trolley & insulated meal delivery cartKranskop2014-10-24
Supply of dressings, dialysers, crescent knife, anaesthetic breathing system, notice board, warning signs, wound manager, etcDurban2014-10-23
Supply of bandages, pouches, masks, virectomy packs, masks, infusion sets, eartips, sutures, etcDurban2014-10-22
Supply & delivery of diesel for standby generator & vegetable cutter with 5 bladesKwaZulu-Natal2014-10-21
Supply & install elbow action taps/mixers & pest control serviceDurban2014-10-24
Supply of chemicals for water treatment & water testingDurban2014-10-24
Supply of bifurcated extension set with 2 clave needle free connectors & drum water treatment boiler solutionNewcastle2014-10-22
Supply of pest control, cleaning of smoke detectors, servicing of fire alarms, smoke/fire control panel repairs, & service of transformersDurban2014-10-24
Supply of swabs & reynell development language scaleNewcastle2014-10-22
Supply & delivery of virgin SABS approved transformer oil - new in 210l drumsGermiston2014-10-17
Conduct passive sampling in Alrode southern regionGermiston2014-10-24
CANCELLED: Procurement of fire detection & public address system for 4 SITA buildingsPretoria2013-05-27
Supply & delivery of water purification chemicalsSomerset East2014-10-17
Service of fire extinguishersMoorreesburg2014-10-15
Supply & delivery of (engine, transmission, gear) oil & engine cleanerFicksburg2014-10-16
Supply spares & consumables for mantech PH/EC & maintenance of Mantech, supply 0-150ppm, 0-1500ppm, 0-1000ppm Cod vitals, supply, install & deliver heating blockPort Elizabeth2014-10-13
Alien eradication - erf 415 Brenton on LakeKnysna2014-10-24
Supply & delivery of production inputs for Lambasi farming corporativeFlagstaff2014-10-13
Construction of new apron fire fighting system at Hosea Kutako international airportWindhoek2014-10-24
Provision of laboratory reagents & consumablesGaborone2014-10-24
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