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Hire & servicing of portable chemical toilets for beaches during festive seasonEast London2015-11-27
Supply & maintenance of sensors, front panels & enclosures partsCape Town2015-11-27
Supply & installation of SA flags & poles, & major service of fire extinguishersMbazwana2015-11-27
Rental, delivery & servicing of portable chemical non-flush toiletsKnysna2015-11-26
Supply of aquacel AG + extra hydrofiber dressingMahlabathini2015-11-27
Supply of safety needlesMbazwana2015-11-27
Supply of hemoglobin test stripsPietermaritzburg2015-11-27
Supply & delivery of simcore with cannula, electro surgical pads, syphillis test devices, biological chemical indicators & abdominal swabsNewcastle2015-11-27
CORRECTION: Stack emission testing required for compliance with atmospheric emission license interns at ARC-OVI: environmental impact assessmentPretoria2015-11-23
Supply & delivery of offal container/offal transporter, air filter lubricator & condemned binModimolle2015-11-24
Design, install & commission of fire telemetry system at Eland shaftRandfontein2015-11-23
Supply & delivery of combo infrared & probe thermometer to environmental health divisionGermiston2015-11-26
Provision of goods & services to head office & green scheme irrigation projects for 2 yearsWindhoek2015-11-26
Supply of laboratory chemicals at Malkerns research station seed potato projectMalkerns2015-11-23
Supply of chemical suppliesPort Shepstone2015-11-24
Supply & delivery of asphalt filler suitable for labour intensive asphalt & bituminous worksBuffalo City2015-11-24
Supply & delivery of cleaning chemicals 6Johannesburg2015-11-23
Supply, delivery & setting up of mobile toilets at EMM fun day, Dries NiemandtGermiston2015-11-24
Supply of horticultural sonic tomograph inspectionCape Town2015-11-25
Supply & delivery of engine dieselube oil, & hydraulic power oilGraaff-Reinet2015-11-20
Supply of 750lt alcohol resistant film forming fluroprotein foam concentratesBloemfontein2015-11-20
Replace corroded calorify by supplying & install new calorify at Prince Mshiyeni memorial hospitalDurban2015-11-23
Supply & delivery of agricultural inputs for Ezemvelo farmers organization situated in ward 5Camperdown2015-11-26
Supply of 30 boxes pipelleNewcastle2015-11-25
Supply of polyester fibre ligatureDurban2015-11-23
Supply of gauze swabsPort Shepstone2015-11-24
Supply & delivery of sutures, sterilization crepe & stainless steel adjustable mouth gagNewcastle2015-11-20
Suppy of abdominal swabs & gauzePietermaritzburg2015-11-20
Supply of spinal needles & universal return electrode spiltNewcastle2015-11-25
Supply of dressings & neonates shortline with extension wall boreNewcastle2015-11-25
Supply & delivery of garbage bags & sterile gauze swabsPongola2015-11-23
Supply & delivery of sutures & humidifier waterPongola2015-11-23
Supply of safety needles & suturesMbazwana2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of wall baskets wire material & paraffin gauzeNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of double flow meters oxygen gage, digital arm BP monitor & accutrendNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of gauze swabs, electric nebulizer & diagnostic wall unitsNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of metal tongue depressor, IV transparent dressing & HB meter test stripsNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of bandages & antibiofilm gelNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of prolene mesh & central venous catheter kitsNewcastle2015-11-20
Supply & delivery of stainless steel adjustable mouth gag for paediatrics, & single flow meter oxygen gage with bull-nose for wall oxygen supplyNewcastle2015-11-20
Disposable clip applicator with 10 or 20 clips to fit through 5mm or 10mm universal portDurban2015-11-26
Minor service of medical gas, laundry roller ironer & laundry floor pressNewcastle2015-11-27
Supply of universal disposable drape pack, bladeless trocars & endopouch retrieval bagDurban2015-11-26
Supply & installation of curtains & rails, particle count at main theatre & eye theatresNewcastle2015-11-27
Supply of wound irrigation solutionPietermaritzburg2015-11-20
Supply of sensor PTFE guidewires with hydrolphyllic tipPietermaritzburg2015-11-24
Supply of multi-length stents vl stent 6FRPietermaritzburg2015-11-24
Supply of umbillical vein cathetersDurban2015-11-26
Supply of sets extension loop connector needlelessPort Shepstone2015-11-24
Supply of abdominal swabs & pouchesPietermaritzburg2015-11-25
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