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Supply of caustic sodaMusina2015-01-23
Supply & delivery of coldmixGraaff-Reinet2015-01-23
Draft plan for flammable liquid storesJohannesburg2015-01-20
Supply, delivery & installation of temperature & gas sensors at marketGermiston2015-01-23
Supply & delivery of vacuum oil & trailing cableJohannesburg2015-01-21
Supply & delivery of water purification chemicalsBultfontein2015-01-19
Supply & delivery of 500ppm diesel - HoopstadBultfontein2015-01-19
Supply & delivery of 500ppm diesel - BultfonteinBultfontein2015-01-19
Supply of 6.7mm cold mix asphalt in bulkPlettenberg Bay2015-01-21
Training of 11 delegates on fire fightingCreighton2015-01-21
Supply & delivery of cementGraaff-Reinet2015-01-23
Supply & delivery of paintJohannesburg2015-01-19
Supply of water sampling treatment training, IEC 61850 & fire hydrant training, & calibration of 2 rion NA28 sound level metersPort Elizabeth2015-01-19
Supply of 3 individual emergency kitsSaldanha Bay2015-01-14
Provision of water & wastewater treatment trainingPlettenberg Bay2015-01-23
Conduct feasibility study & compile business plan for downstream beneficiation of fly ashWitbank2015-01-23
Supply & delivery of hazardous material, hazardous chemical & safety signs to Daspoort waste water treatment works for 3 yearsPretoria2015-01-22
Supply & delivery of yellow road marking paintGermiston2015-01-15
Supply & delivery of white road marking paintGermiston2015-01-15
Supply & delivery of red road marking paintGermiston2015-01-15
Supply & delivery of cleaning suppliesNquthu2015-01-14
Supply & delivery of coldmixGraaff-Reinet2015-01-16
Supply & delivery of cationic spray & stable mixGraaff-Reinet2015-01-16
Removal of medical wasteSaldanha Bay2015-01-12
Supply & delivery of weed killerSaldanha Bay2015-01-12
Supply of ready-to-use therapeutic foodsGaborone2015-01-23
Supply & delivery of diesel to Knysna & Sedgefield municipal storesKnysna2015-01-09
Supply & delivery of 95 petrol to Knysna (6000L) & Sedgefield (4000L) municipal storesKnysna2015-01-09
Supply of information of project programme & portfolio management solutionPretoria2015-01-12
Undertake resource efficiency & cleaner production assessment at plants of Dynamic Brands & Sunningdale Dairy in East LondonEast London2015-01-02
Design & develop RECP training courses, learning material, supporting documents & tools for national implementation by NCPC-SAPretoria2015-01-06
Undertake RECP assessments in companies recruited for metal sector on behalf of national cleaner production centre of SAPretoria2015-01-12
Installation of coldroom facility for Empatheni fresh produce depot for upscaling of climate smart agriculture projectManzini2015-01-10
Supply & delivery of diesel to Knysna & Sedgefiled municipal storesKnysna2014-12-19
Veterinary laboratoryJohannesburg2014-12-23
Supply of packaged lubricantsSouth Africa2015-01-16
Supply & delivery of industrial lubricants including diesel for wastewater treatment plants & pump stationsJohannesburg2015-01-23
Supply of cleaning chemicals & materials for Gaborone & Francistown (Botswana citizens only)Gaborone2015-01-15
Training for advanced fire fightingEstcourt2014-12-18
Supply & delivery of cleaning materials, stationery, concrete mixer, quick cut machine & plate compactorMopane2014-12-24
Supply of disaster relief materials for provincial disaster management centreMpumalanga2014-12-29
Supply & delivery of piggery feed, baking ingredients, sewing machines & fabric, minerals, graphic design, printing & packaging, palm oil & dry veggiesKwaZulu-Natal2015-01-16
Supply & delivery of containers, bee hives, agricultural inputs & implements, prefabricated container with electrical accessories, prefabricated packhouse with cold room, prefabricated storerooms & jojo tanks with tapsKwaZulu-Natal2015-01-16
Supply & delivery of production inputs, fertilisers & prepare soil, goats & production inputs, diesel, hydraulic oil & engine oil, mist blower sprayer & nut tree shaker, live & breeding pigs & production inputsKwaZulu-Natal2014-12-17
Supply & delivery of chicks, feeds, vaccine & medication, building materials, production inputs, implements, sewing machines & material, razor wire fence, agricultural inputs, seedlings, chemicals & fertilizersKwaZulu-Natal2014-12-17
Hire & servicing of chemical toilets from 1 March 2015 to 30 June 2017Saldanha Bay2015-01-16
Supply & delivery of lacquer thinners in 20l containers for road marking paintGermiston2014-12-19
Supply & delivery of handy andy household cleaner 750mlGermiston2014-12-19
CORRECTION: Conduct research & compile demographic & socio-economic analysis, grant fundraising for unfunded IDP projects, & supply, delivery, installation & maintenance of CCTV cameras & fire hydrantsKlerksdorp2015-01-15
Supply, delivery & offload first aid kit for motor vehiclesGermiston2014-12-17
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