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Supply & delivery of spectrophotometers & reagents for waste water treatment worksHeidelberg2016-09-23
Provision of pest control for hospital & 9 clinicsMbazwana2016-09-23
Supply of she bin stainless steel & plastic cusco vaginal speculumMbazwana2016-09-23
Supply of llets loop blue single - DLPS 11 - 300 unitsPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply of wound dressings & heamoglobin test stripsPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply of sphygmomanometers, vaccine fridge, MBI scale platform & haemoglobin test stripsPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply & delivery of lamination resin for carbon fibre (prosthetic use)Pietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply of diaspect hemoglobin cuvette & digital thermometer room/freezerLadysmith2016-09-23
Supply of C section drape fluid collection drape with franestrated inaseMbazwana2016-09-23
Supply of clear garbage bags, filter pack for llets & gel pad for lletsPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply & deliver ratchet locking kit for trans-tibia silicon liners, sealing suspension sleeve & one way expulsion valve for trans-tibia prosthesisPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply & deliver silicon locking liners, repair kit for light & heavy duty single axis knee joint with lock, modular trans femoral knee kit & trans-tibia knee sealing suspension sleevePietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Supply of black llets ball electrodes, white single use llets loop, green single use llets loop & switch pen for single use lletsPietermaritzburg2016-09-23
Pre-qualification: supply of internal waste management services at Wonderkop smelterMarikana2016-09-23
Supply of seal & chemical mortarCape Town2016-09-21
Supply of lh welding rods, chemicals, plants & cleaningCape Town2016-09-16
Grass cutting at Kraaifontein, pest control & cleaningCape Town2016-09-21
Supply of pest control, padlocks, hardware items & trophiesCape Town2016-09-15
Supply of cleaning chemicals & hardware itemsCape Town2016-09-20
Supply & delivery of sodium hypochloriteEast London2016-09-15
Supply of cooling water system chemicals at Komati power stationWitbank2016-09-15
Supply of fire extinguishers & safety wearCape Town2016-09-20
Supply of chlorine trainingQueenstown2016-09-19
Supply & delivery of blue & green drop equipmentPiketberg2016-09-16
Supply & delivery of bran-rings swan treated timber & fiber cement ceiling boards incl nails, screws & taps, & dressing permaposeGreytown2016-09-20
Supply & deliver medicine cabinet trolley, mobile (ABS plastic)Hlabisa2016-09-20
Annual servicing, replacement & installation of fire fighting equipment at all 25 Majuba clinicsNewcastle2016-09-23
Supply & deliver BTU/HR portable air conditioner, electrodes & lockable injection trolleysCreighton2016-09-21
Supply of 7 industrial brush cutters, paraffin gauze dressings, 7 refrigerators & 5 hydroboilsPietermaritzburg2016-09-16
Supply of medicine refrigeratorDurban2016-09-22
Supply & deliver mop wringer sets & haemoglobin metersCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & deliver pyramid adapter, silicon locking liners for trans-tibia amputation, & foot with dynamic motionPietermaritzburg2016-09-16
Supply & deliver short tube adapter, aluminium elbow crutches & wooden walking sticksPietermaritzburg2016-09-16
Supply & deliver battery for heart plus automated external distributor, orthopaedic table, plastic paediatric stethoscope single tube diaphragm & stainless steel kidney dish receiverCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & deliver temperature probes for infant, white portable fan with heating, pedal driver for floor machines, 10 suggestion boxes & durable 5 seater plastic waiting chairsCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & deliver wall mounted BP machines, scaff-loading, portable desktop BP machine battery operated, & ABS plastic medicine trolley with lockable roll front doorCreighton2016-09-21
Cleaning of HFO tank, 40 000 litresCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & install pasteurization machine & equipmentMkuze2016-09-16
Supply of 3 door glass vaccine fridge, & vaccine/pharmaceutical fridgeDurban2016-09-15
Supply & deliver building steel tape measure, cast iron coupling with 4 bolts, light brown super universal enamel for door & trims, mission plus HB stripsCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & deliver snellen 20 ft test, reusable blood pressure cuffs, cholesterol battery operated machine, 100% rebreathing mask & cholesterol strips for accutrend cholesterol machineCreighton2016-09-21
Supply & deliver disposable hand operated pencil for heal force diathermy machine, dual head adult stethoscopes, malaria test kits & disposable neonatal temperature probe coversCreighton2016-09-21
Drilling of new borehole, water investigation incl pumpGreytown2016-09-20
Supply of small fragment sets, data projector & recliner chairEmpangeni2016-09-16
Supply of 35 diagnostic setsBulwer2016-09-20
Supply & delivery of hypodermic injection needleHlabisa2016-09-20
Supply of catheters & surgical glovesNewcastle2016-09-21
Supply of needles spinal pencil pointPietermaritzburg2016-09-21
Supply of disposable sterile C/S drapesLadysmith2016-09-20
Supply of mobile inter-racking systemDurban2016-09-22
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