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CORRECTION: Placement of immunochemistry serology analyser with pre-analytical system for Rob Ferreira laboratory for 3 yearsNelspruit2016-11-18
Supply & delivery of poultry production inputs for Ezinqoleni poultry value chain project in ward 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in KwaShali & Ngcawusheni villagesPort Shepstone2016-10-21
Provide pest control services, fumigation of mortuary facility & offices incl rats & rodents controlIxopo2016-10-21
Supply of 28 sterile emergency delivery packsLadysmith2016-10-21
Supply & delivery of breathalyser alcohol testersGermiston2016-10-20
Supply & delivery of eleven 3 in 1 digital water test kits & 2 waterproof multi-parameter testers for Brakpan central swimming poolGermiston2016-10-21
Supply & deliver herbicideSaldanha Bay2016-10-20
Supply & delivery of weedkillerSaldanha Bay2016-10-20
Sampling & analysis of wastewaterBultfontein2016-10-17
Supply of materials for stores for water divisionBultfontein2016-10-17
Supply of E+h ultrasonic controller fmu 90, makita drill 13mm-1010w, acid & plumbing materialCape Town2016-10-20
Supply, delivery & wrapping of 100 emergency/fire kitsMossel Bay2016-10-13
Provide the following training: first aid level 2, conflict management, store & control agrochemical productsPiketberg2016-10-21
Supply of pest control services for Apollo gridGauteng2016-10-20
Servicing of firefighting equipmentDelmas2016-10-14
Servicing & repair of diving equipment Roeland street fire stationCape Town2016-10-21
Supply & delivery of tools & safety materialsGanyesa2016-10-19
Supply of examination gloves latexNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of swabs gauze sterileDundee2016-10-14
Supply of female metal catheter stainless steel 20cmPietermaritzburg2016-10-19
Supply of hydroconductive leva fibreIxopo2016-10-14
Supply & delivery of premicath 1FR 28GLadysmith2016-10-21
Supply of linear stapler & indicator rapid readout biological attestDurban2016-10-17
Supply of swabs gauze sterile & non-sterileEmpangeni2016-10-19
Supply of paper steri sheets & disposable skin staplersEmpangeni2016-10-19
Supply of mission HB hemoglobin test strips & nasal C-pap circuitsNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of sutures & cathetersNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of plaster of paris bandagesPietermaritzburg2016-10-14
Supply of floor polish stripper, plaster of paris bandages, opsite dressings & gauze wound dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-10-14
Supply of transparent perforated tape & sterile gauze 8 plyPietermaritzburg2016-10-14
Supply of cleaning & gauze swabs & closed suction cathetersNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of chromic catgut sutures, attest biological indicators & alcohol sterile swabsNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of latex examination gloves, cleaning materials, & equipment & paper steri reelNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of sutures, electrodes & dressingsNewcastle2016-10-19
Supply of HB hemoglobin test strips & cathetersDurban2016-10-19
Supply of catheters, sterisheet paper & simcoe double barrel aspirating & irrigation unitDurban2016-10-19
Supply of catheters, dressings & rebreathing oxygen mask paedsDurban2016-10-19
Supply of mask nebulizer oxygen, dermacarrier & cathetersDurban2016-10-19
Supply of tonometer probe alignment & luxation instrumentUbombo2016-10-14
Disposal of fluorescent tubes & supply of portable frame display frame carry caseUbombo2016-10-14
Supply of absorbent 4ply gauze & gauze swabsDundee2016-10-14
Supply of disposable universal theatre drapes, carestream dryview DVB laster film & lexmark toner cartridgesDurban2016-10-20
Supply of neonatal continuous in line suctionPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of enteral feeding tube with stylet, steam indicators for autoclave sterilisation & neonatal continuous in line suctionPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of cysto-aids urine collection device, disposable vomit bags & resolution hemostatic clipping devicePietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of torque device, fibred platinum pushable coils & 32" flat screen TVPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of angiography catheters & vicryl suture double needle spatulaPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of catheters, intubation sets & single step locking pigtail drainPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of neonatal continuous in line suction, switch pen & vicryl sutures spatula double needlePietermaritzburg2016-10-18
Supply of forceps, haemoglobinometers & catheterization setsPietermaritzburg2016-10-18
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