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CANCELLED: Collection, removal, treatment & final disposal of healthcare risk waste from participating health care facilities in North West for 4 yearsNorth West2014-12-15
Service of fire fighting equipment & calorifiersUtrecht2015-07-03
Service of medical air pumpsPort Shepstone2015-07-07
Service of medical gas points at Port Shepstone regional hospitalPort Shepstone2015-07-07
Supply of anterior vitrectomy packs & 20 units capsule tension ringMobeni2015-07-06
Supply of 500 epiduralsPlessislaer2015-07-07
Supply of high density mattresses, insect spray, floor polish & toilet soapHowick2015-07-03
Supply of floor washing soap, polymer floor polish & cambro traysNongoma2015-07-03
Supply of floor polish 20 litre & floor washing soap 5 litreNongoma2015-07-03
Supply of laundry washing powder automatic low foaming laundry detergent with enzymes & floor polish 5 litreNongoma2015-07-03
Annual services of medical gas point x 23 units, manifold & vacuum pumps x 2 unitsUtrecht2015-07-03
Annul services & purification of diesel in holding tanks x 3 unitsUtrecht2015-07-03
CORRECTION: Supply & delivery of bandage & dressings, crutches & walking sticks, surgical sundries & surgical gloves for 3 yearsPretoria2015-06-29
Supply, delivery & off-loading of anionic 60% emulsion for roads & stormwater at Nigel SDAGermiston2015-07-02
Supply of 15 x 20lt round up weed killerStanger2015-06-30
Supply of hotmix tarEstcourt2015-06-27
Supply of water & wastewater treatment chemicals, equipment & laboratory services for 3 yearsSasolburg2015-07-07
Supply & delivery of air quality monitorPolokwane2015-07-07
Supply of disida kits, dtpa kits & dmsa kitsDundee2015-07-06
Supply of 34800 units of Jelco iv catheter radio paque & 1 nonferrous patient trolley/stretcher MRI compatibleDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 2000 units of needle free admin sets 20 drop/mlDurban2015-07-06
Supply of cases of swabs gauze absorb sterile 100 x 100mm x 8ply 5 swabs per pouchDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 4 boxes of suprapubic catherisation set 10FGDurban2015-07-06
Supply of multipack cvp for gem 3000/315 blood gas machine, cartridges for gem premier blood gas analyser & bipolar cable for martin/diathermy electro surgical unitDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 60 units of pca-cadd admin sets with bag, spike, clamp, male luer, add-on antisiphonic valve & connecting stoppersDurban2015-07-06
Supply of single use, non-sterile flow sensors for Boyles machineDurban2015-07-06
Supply of mdp & rbc kits, & Aintree airway exchanger catheter for use with fibre optic intubating scopeDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 10 boxes of maa kitsDurban2015-07-06
Supply of snuggle, upper body warming blankets, & hose for level 1 convective warmerDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 100% silicone 3-way haematuria catheter for various sizes, 40mci gallum 67 citrate, & bandage plaster of paris 200mm x 2.7m (Gypsona)Durban2015-07-06
Supply of 8 boxes of mag 3Durban2015-07-06
Supply of suture ethibond 75cm gauge 5 MB 47 & 200 boxes of wound dressing, non-adherent dressing, povidine ioineDurban2015-06-29
Supply of suture bone wax W31G, W810Durban2015-06-29
Supply of 200ml syringe front loading for CT 9000Durban2015-07-06
Supply of 250 boxes of wound dressing non-adherent knitted cellulose acetate fabric & 200 blankets for bair hugger machine - adultDurban2015-06-29
Supply of 3mci chromium 51 ad socium chromateDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 1200 units of disp c-section drapes with mayo covers, 2 boxes of smart vent generator connectors & 4 boxes of smart vent delivery circuitsDurban2015-07-06
Supply of paediatric epidural catheterization set with flex tip 20g, 100% silicone 2-way urinary catheter size 20, 8-10ml bulb & 250 units of catheter mount angled 15mm double swivel connectorDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 4 boxes of 100% silicone 3-way haematuria catheter size 2230ml bulbDurban2015-07-06
Supply 10 units of tibialis tendonDurban2015-07-06
Supply of 200 units of sodalime absorber & 200 units of arterial catheterization set 20ga 8cmDurban2015-07-06
Supply of combined spinal epidural 25G x 16G x 500 unitsPietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of adult bag valve mask resuscitation bag with peep valve x 150Pietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of Leukoplast sleek water proof tape 72378 - 10 x 10000Pietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of mini volume extension set - straight connection with 1 needle free port & needle free port intravenous administration set for adult-double portPietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of paediatrics bag valve mask resuscitation bag with peep valve x 120Pietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply needle free blood administration set- standard flowPietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of solid intubing bougie-single usePietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of needle free intravenous administration set with add-on burette with 60/ml drip chamber, & tension pegs-set spring tensionPietermaritzburg2015-06-30
Supply of set dial-a-flow x 6000 unitsPietermaritzburg2015-06-30
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