Communication, Public Relations & Advertising (Johannesburg)
Telecommunications (Pretoria)
Engineering: Mechanical (Africa)
Insurance (Africa)
Business Development & SME Support (cape town)


Supply & delivery of road marking paint, thinners, roller refills & rolls danger tapeEstcourt2014-07-22
Calculation of country-specific emission factors for stationery combustion of fuels in electricity generation sectorSouth Africa2014-06-17
Supply & delivery of roadline paintWorcester2014-07-22
Supply & delivery of sanitary wareSaldanha Bay2014-07-21
Supply & delivery of 40 drums of SS60 emulsionLouis Trichardt2014-07-18
Supply & delivery of CAT 65 emulsionLouis Trichardt2014-07-18
Supply of transport, customs clearance & fumigation servicesMbabane2014-07-22
Supply of cleaning materialsMusina2014-07-22
Supply & delivery of oilMokopane2014-07-21
Servicing of portable fire protection equipmentWorcester2014-07-21
Supply & delivery of cleaning materialDendron2014-07-18
Hiring of toiletsUlundi2014-07-14
Supply of cannula, urine bags, soda lime, infant flow systems, dressings, mini extension sets, ivac pump sets, harvesting of silverDurban2014-07-21
Supply & delivery of micro cuvettes, dressings, double lumen sets, HB test strips, hypodermic needles, gauze swabsPort Shepstone2014-07-22
Supply of scientific granular chlorineSaldanha Bay2014-07-16
Supply & delivery of chemical toiletsSaldanha Bay2014-07-16
Supply of paediatric flex tip plus epidural pack, disposable bacterial filter, thomas splint & disposable latex free angled connection/elbow adaptor with female luer lock connectorDurban2014-07-21
Supply of oxygen saturation accessory for multi-paramenter monitor, road direction sign board, jonnitor trolley & exterior emergency direction sign boardHlabisa2014-07-22
Supply & delivery of biological preparationsPretoria2014-07-14
Supply of 20 drums of 210l stable 60Richards Bay2014-07-18
Supply & delivery of paint solvent borne road markingGermiston2014-07-16
Upgrade for oil lab OSDB pro-systemJohannesburg2014-07-15
Relocation of gas linesJohannesburg2014-07-16
Supply of paintPort Elizabeth2014-07-16
Supply of cementPort Elizabeth2014-07-17
Supply of fuel & lubricants for vehicles & equipmentTlokweng2014-07-18
Facilitate environmental practice training, fire & rescue training, municipal leadership development, apprenticeship training on plumbing, ABET training & landscape irrigation trainingSasolburg2014-07-21
Supply of medication for wellness centreJohannesburg2014-07-10
Supply & delivery of office groceries, stationery, photocopy paper, printer cartridges & cleaning chemicals, upholstery & carpet cleaning services, pest control & hygiene servicesCape Town2014-07-21
Supply, installation & servicing of fire equipment & airconditioners, maintenance of plumbing, general facilities, office internal & external workstation moves, installation & furniture maintenanceCape Town2014-07-21
Supply of fluorescent tube disposal boxPietermaritzburg2014-07-18
Supply of absorbent gauze swabsPort Shepstone2014-07-15
Supply of moleskin, dressings, self-adhesive gel, padding, finger hooks, admin drops, cotton & gauze swabs, gloves, jelonet, ivac infusion sets, clips, cleaning, oil reticulation repairs, servicing of fire equipment, etcDurban2014-07-14
Supply of dressings, finger hooks, sutures, gem cartridges, syringe pump, catheters, forceps, etcDurban2014-07-14
Supply of ultrasound transducer, bandages, wire giggle saw, detergent, catheters, connection lines, pouches, flanges, printer, etcDurban2014-07-14
Supply of double oxygen flow meterVryheid2014-07-16
Supply & delivery of domestic fridges & phoropterLadysmith2014-07-11
Supply of needle free IV admin set, alaris intravenous admin set & panic buttor for surveillance & monitoringNewcastle2014-07-16
Supply of kitchen equipment, cleaning material, garbage bags & actisorb silverHarding2014-07-17
Supply of surgical sundries, maintenance items, safety needles, orthopedic items & gas linesMbazwana2014-07-17
Supply of sutures, lexmark toner cartridges & HP toner cartridgesCamperdown2014-07-15
Supply of GPS machine, plastic drums, water trailers, hudson pumps & pyrethroidJozini2014-07-11
Supply of administration sets for carefusion syringe pumps & spinal needlesNewcastle2014-07-16
Supply of cleaning materials, plumbing goods, carpentry goods, mid-upper arm circumference tape (child & adult), MBFI outdoor billboard & stationeryPietermaritzburg2014-07-18
Supply of infinite vision system, colostomy bags & wafers, acticoat, tubes, suturesRichards Bay2014-07-18
Supply & delivery of water quality monitoring equipment & water purification chemicalsKareedouw2014-07-18
Upgrade for oil lab OSDB pro systemJohannesburg2014-07-07
Maintenance of fire suppression & fire detectorsPietersburg2014-07-21
Supply of type II oil 2197Johannesburg2014-07-15
Supply of pest control servicesPretoria2014-07-22
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