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Tiling of floors at Dr Ivan Toms clinic, supply of refreshments, medical supplies, double sided tape, sealer, & cleaning services at Oostenberg electricityCape Town2016-05-27
Supply of plants, plants & horticulture, chemicals & dog foodCape Town2016-05-26
Supply of chemicals - Orbit weed killer, Pyrinex 480 insecticide, knapsack sprayerLadysmith2016-05-27
Repair of motor control centre & pepper spray unit with remote alarm for Duikweg pump station in MelodingWelkom2016-05-25
Supply & delivery of pepperspray & rechargeable torches with shock stick for trafficWelkom2016-05-25
Provision of chemical analysis of fishCape Town2016-05-27
Supply & delivery of gauze swabs, desk alegro PU edged & bioclusive dressingsKwa-Ngwanase2016-05-26
Supply of crutches & absorbent gauzePietermaritzburg2016-05-27
Supply of surgical sundriesIxopo2016-05-27
Supply of suturesLadysmith2016-05-27
Supply of blood alcohol kitsDurban2016-05-27
Supply of mission HB test stripsPietermaritzburg2016-05-27
Supply of various cleaning materialsPretoria2016-05-26
Supply of plants & chemicalsCape Town2016-05-23
Supply of plants, drill bits, lubricants & chemicalsCape Town2016-05-23
Supplier open dayPretoria2016-05-19
Supply of chemicals & party packsCape Town2016-05-19
Supply of oil & vibration analysisCape Town2016-05-25
Supply of accelerating agent for cement, oil auto trans, oil chain & cutter bar, rodenticide pellets, gel lubricant, oil sae 15w40, insecticide fogger, grease & insecticide sprayCape Town2016-05-24
Replacement of damaged chemical spill containers at Units 3, 4 & 5 including manifoldsJohannesburg2016-05-20
Provide chemical supplies for cleaningPort Shepstone2016-05-17
Supply of tees branch flanged cast iron, stop end 15mm copper, clamps, jackets, diamond mesh, chlorine dry granular, couplingsPort Elizabeth2016-05-20
Supply of pest control services for 12 monthsUmzimkhulu2016-05-27
Fumigation of whole of Addington hospitalDurban2016-05-27
Supply of aseptor bagsEmpangeni2016-05-25
Supply of nasal C-pap circuitsNewcastle2016-05-25
Supply of syringes, specimen bags, humidifire plastic, suction liner & zink oxideMbazwana2016-05-20
Supply of various medical equipmentVryheid2016-05-25
Supply of disposable patient controlled anaesthesia 100ml bolus/6minsDurban2016-05-27
Supply of urine drainage bag 200ml with anti-reflux valveDurban2016-05-26
Supply of 5 units of multimed 5 pod 2.5m cableDurban2016-05-23
Supply of pest control service for Pholela community health centre, 10 clinics & nurses home residence for 12 monthsBulwer2016-05-24
Fumigation & pest control to entire hospital & housesNewcastle2016-05-25
Supply of pads black stripper, nylon & spray cleaning matadorNewcastle2016-05-25
Supply of cleaning material, garden equipment, kitchen equipment, desks, table & binsVryheid2016-05-25
Supply of circle taper points, coil tubing extensions & bair huggersEmpangeni2016-05-25
Supply of extension set connecting line, melilon dressings & syringesEmpangeni2016-05-25
Supply of various kinds of bandagesEmpangeni2016-05-25
Supply of spinal needles, instrument cleaner disinfectant, paper steri crepe green, gauze swabs & daisy dot sensor probe coversNewcastle2016-05-25
Supply of gauze swabs & safety needlesMbazwana2016-05-20
Supply of surgical sundriesIxopo2016-05-20
Supply of sp02 extension cable for anaesthetic machine, gem 3500 cartridges for blood gas analyser, soda lime & infant flow generatorDurban2016-05-23
Supply of gauze swabs, charcoal dressings & adapter tubeDurban2016-05-23
Supply of dressings, gauze swabs & paper steri crepe greenDurban2016-05-23
Supply of dressings, swabs & capsular tension ringsDurban2016-05-23
Supply of dressings, drapes & dynaflex multi layer compression systemDurban2016-05-23
Supply of dressings & iris retractorsDurban2016-05-23
Supply of various kinds of dressingsDurban2016-05-23
Supply of bandages & dressingsDurban2016-05-23
Supply of bandages, filter clear thermal guard & drapesDurban2016-05-23
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