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Provision of hygiene audits for food production facilities for 1 yearDurban2016-04-29
Supply, delivery, installation, maintenance & repairs of fire fighting equipmentKrugersdorp2016-04-29
Supply of dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-04-29
Supply of primco 144Queenstown2016-04-22
Supply & delivery of process chemicalsStellenbosch2016-04-29
Lime water treatment white hydratedSaldanha Bay2016-04-25
Dry ice blast cleaning of 2 waste heat boilersSouth Africa2016-04-20
Supply & delivery of compressor oilPort Elizabeth2016-04-28
Nomination of Southern African business leaders for variety of awardsSouthern Africa2016-04-29
Supply, installation & maintenance of access control systems (biometrics), & carry out water quality monitoring & samplingPolokwane2016-04-29
CORRECTION: Supply & delivery of oil, grease & anti-freeze for 3 yearsJohannesburg2016-04-22
Supply of nitric oxide gasDurban2016-04-29
Supply & delivery of 1500 digital thermometers with automatic alarmNewcastle2016-04-29
Supply & delivery of non-woven adhesive wound dressingsNewcastle2016-04-29
Diesel decontaminationScottburgh2016-04-28
Supply of pest control at GJ Crookes hospital for 12 monthsScottburgh2016-04-28
Supply of pest control services at Lower Umfolozi war memorial hospitalEmpangeni2016-04-28
Supply of catheters, dressings, plain gauze & tape autoclavePietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of spunguard wrap, rugged terrain wheelchairs & disposable syringesPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of catheters, silicone gasketing, faulty engine coolant heater 500W 240VAC, & bag filtersPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of foley cathetersPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of sutures, Y connectors, electrodes & surgical needlesPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of ultra soft PCV with radio-paque line & adhesive transparent dressingsPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of extractor pro RX retrieval balloon & advanix rapid exchange biliary stentPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of sutures & nerve stimulatorPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of norco rainbow therapeutic putty, spinal needles & hurricane 10mmx4m balloonsPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of surgical nuknit, electrode clips & oxide gas cartridgesPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of absorbable haemostatic gauze swabs, paper crepe medical sheets & tubing siliconePietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of elastonet pressure garment material, mclean ring enteral feeding tube sets & tubing siconePietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of lumbar needles, transparent adhesive film dressings & chromic catgutPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of controlled radial expansion balloons & advanix biliary stentPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of urine collection device, laparoscopic instruments, chromic catgut & silicone gel sheetsPietermaritzburg2016-04-26
Supply of pediasure powderDurban2016-04-25
Supply of nuclear medicine productsDurban2016-04-25
Supply of gauze swabs, & inflator & clamp Y-connector, air bulb insuflator & short cufflatorDurban2016-04-25
Fumigation of pests in Ekombe hospital & Mabhuqwini clinic on monthly basis for 12 monthsKranskop2016-04-22
Supply of surgicell & retractable safety needlesEmpangeni2016-04-22
Supply of plain endotracheal tubes, retractable safety needles & transparent film dressingsEmpangeni2016-04-22
Supply of TC enriched foam soap antibacterial handwashKranskop2016-04-22
Supply & delivery burn dressings, flannel bandages & trauma padsDundee2016-04-21
Supply, delivery & commission of 2 breathing air compressor for district fire servicesKlerksdorp2016-04-29
Supply & delivery of medication for wellness centreJohannesburg2016-04-19
Supply & deliver vacuum pumps for 2 stage oil degasifying plant, oil pumps & degasification metersPort Elizabeth2016-04-22
Supply of 4mm galvanized mild steel staywire, metroflo pressure pipes & 9kg cylinder liquified petroleum gasPort Elizabeth2016-04-22
Supply & deliver quality control solutions for tade effluent & calibrated thermometers for various equipment in laboratoryPort Elizabeth2016-04-20
Supply & deliver automated external defibrillator, lung function test machine, resting ECG computerized machine, pro BP digital NiBP device & CPR board plasticPort Elizabeth2016-04-19
Supply of stationery, cleaning materials, computer hardware, software, printing, advertising, promotional material, furniture, fittings, transport, travel agents, catering, legal & air conditioning servicesMbabane2016-04-21
Fumigation of various officesSaldanha Bay2016-04-22
Hire of chemical toiletsMoorreesburg2016-04-22
Supply & install water coolers, calibration & service environmental monitoring equipment, weather stations at solid waste disposal facilities, geotech biogas monitoring instruments & branding equipmentCape Town2016-04-22
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