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Hire of chemical toiletsMoorreesburg2016-06-29
Supply of chemicals & irrigation equipmentCape Town2016-06-28
Supply of outboard oils, oil filters & SAE oilDurban2016-06-22
Design, manufacture, supply, installation & commissioning of portable ph correction plantWitbank2016-06-19
Supply & delivery of aquacelPongola2016-06-24
Supply of 2 C2 diaphragm for passat press EP 840Durban2016-06-24
Supply & delivery of 500ml humidifier bottles & short splintsPietermaritzburg2016-06-24
Major service of fire fighting equipment incl pressure testingGreytown2016-06-28
2 year contract for purchase & removal of waste fixer film, X-ray film scrap, lazer film scrapPietermaritzburg2016-06-28
Supply of spring loaded temno needles 16 gaugePietermaritzburg2016-06-28
Supply of electronic haemoglobinometer, 30-seater conference table & industrial dry wet pickup vacuumPietermaritzburg2016-06-28
Supply & delivery of condom dispensers, dildos & HIV testing digital countdown timersStanger2016-06-28
Supply of gem cartridges & CVP multipak ampoules for blood gas analyserDurban2016-06-27
Supply & delivery of chemicals & colorimeterMokopane2016-06-22
Supply & installation of chemical dosing systemKoster2016-06-28
Supply & delivery of passive sampling equipmentMount Ayliff2016-06-21
Repair & service of fire panels & detectors at Connor StrPort Shepstone2016-06-17
Multi-disciplinary consultant/advisor to secure partner for infill & new developments in Block 9 production rightsWestern Cape2016-06-27
Supply & delivery of cleaning chemicalsJohannesburg2016-06-20
Provision of short term insurance & hygiene management & deep cleaning services, supply & delivery of personal protective equipmentWartburg2016-06-27
Comprehensive pest control management & maintenance of bait boxes services for 3 yearsWartburg2016-06-27
Supply of cleaning materials, roadmarking paint & water distribution materialsCape Town2016-06-20
Supply of generator spares, plants, pest control, fuels & gasCape Town2016-06-15
Supply & delivery of 30 x 10kg bags of kilomax herbicide for hyacinth sprayingEast London2016-06-21
Supply & delivery of additive diesel fuel Texaco & catalyst molecular sieve type 13 APG to Mossel Bay refineryMossel Bay2016-06-20
Consultants to provide capacity & service providers to provide services against TB & HIVLesotho2016-06-16
Supply of laparoscopic trochar, dressings & disposable towel glovesDurban2016-06-24
Supply of crepegrade 2 bandagesDurban2016-06-24
Supply of C-PAP neonatal kits, disposable universal drapes & bionic needleDurban2016-06-23
Supply of autoclave test attest, catheters & fenestrated drapesDurban2016-06-23
Supply of IV, paraffin gauze & silver alginate dressingsDurban2016-06-24
Supply of floor stripper & tubing silicone autoclavableDurban2016-06-23
Supply of gauze, urinal paper & crepe bandagesDurban2016-06-24
Supply of gauze dressings, hydrosurgery system & catheter trocharsPietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Supply of gauze swabs, plain gauze & spinal needle setPietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Supply of syringes, slit knife satin & plain gauzePietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Supply of bottles ICD underwater drainage system, bowie dick test packs & abdominal swabsPietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Supply of catheters & bandagesPietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Provision of pest control services in various mortuary facilities in Umgungundlovu district for 6 monthsPietermaritzburg2016-06-21
Supply of DVB dry view imaging filmNongoma2016-06-17
Supply of portable diagnostic setsIxopo2016-06-17
Major services to medical gas plant & kitchen equipmentMbazwana2016-06-17
Supply & delivery of cerdak cavity, digitip & multizorb, green CTG paper & sterilisation sheetsMbazwana2016-06-17
Supply of hydrocolloid & hydroconductive dressingsKokstad2016-06-20
Supply of KC300 fluidshield fog-free procedure mask & strips control for HB machineScottburgh2016-06-21
Supply of X-ray consumables & gauze swabsIxopo2016-06-17
Supply of carestream film for dry printers & hydroconductive dressingsKokstad2016-06-20
Supply of hydrocolloid dressings, catheters & gauze swabsKokstad2016-06-20
Supply & delivery of antibiofilm irrigation solution, wound pad & dressingsKokstad2016-06-20
Supply & delivery of antibiofilm irrigation solution, film for dry printers & folley catheterKokstad2016-06-20
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