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Supply of free standing marquee for 2000 people, table, chairs, big screens, plasma screens, VIP toilets, standard toilets, square steel tables, stage & sound for budget speech 2015Vanderbylpark2015-04-24
Hiring of toilets for LED road shows, eDumbeUlundi2015-04-23
Hiring of toilets for LED road shows, uLundiUlundi2015-04-23
Supply & delivery of white road marking paint, solvent borne 20L tinsGermiston2015-04-24
Hiring of VIP toilets & public toilets for eDumbe LED road showUlundi2015-04-23
Hiring of VIP toilets & public toilets for aBaqulusi LED road showUlundi2015-04-23
Hiring of VIP toilets & public toilets for Nongoma LED road showUlundi2015-04-23
Hiring of VIP toilets & public toilets for Phongolo LED road showUlundi2015-04-23
Supply of cleaning materialPietermaritzburg2015-04-24
HIV antibody testing, HIV incidence testing & viral load measurement & antiretrovirals testingPretoria2015-04-23
Supply & installation of 2 new mortuary complete condensing unitsMbazwana2015-04-23
Supply & install new fire equipment & service & maintain existing fire equipmentPietermaritzburg2015-04-23
Hiring of backactor (TLB) with diesel & operatorMiddelburg2015-04-16
Supply, delivery & off-loading of quantitiees of 2 ton rheofloc 5356 or equivalent poly-electrolite for Boskrans waste water worksMiddelburg2015-04-20
Supply of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers & chemicals)Modimolle2015-04-21
Supply of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers & chemicals)Modimolle2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of water purification chemicalsBultfontein2015-04-21
Supply of laboratory chemicalsEzulwini2015-04-24
Supply & delivery of opsis PN E084112 ignition unit for opsis E150 & installation including air fare & labour, provide training in laboratory assistant courseUitenhage2015-04-21
Pest control services at Umzikantu red meat abattoir, Zimbane locationMthatha2015-04-16
Maintainance of fire suppression system, repair of various cylinders & various radiators on heavy mobile equipmentSwakopmund2015-04-20
Supply & delivery of anaesthetic masks, amsorb sodaline, heat moisture exchange filters & aquacel AG burn hydro fibrePietermaritzburg2015-04-14
Supply & delivery of supraglottic airway, anaesthesia breathing circuits, mapleson F breathing circuit & anaesthetic masksPietermaritzburg2015-04-14
Supply anaesthetic circuit elbow connector, supraglottic airways, intubating styletsPietermaritzburg2015-04-14
Supply & delivery of preformed non-inflatable LMA, tissel kit glue, vessel dilators, staple reload, drainable pouchPietermaritzburg2015-04-14
Pest control services, supply of gauze, paediatric intra-osseous needle, white dispensing stripform packets, bladeless trocar & ECG contact sprayPietermaritzburg2015-04-14
Supply of infrared detector to main distribution board, purification of diesel tank, servicing of medical gas plants & generator setPietermaritzburg2015-04-24
Supply & delivery of membrane on renal osmosis machine, stapler reload, membrane blue dual, self-contained hydraulic actuator, surgitie autosuture & baby res suctionPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of utahloop electrodes, silicone oil, cautery microfine tip, EZ gas, punctal plugs, syringes & endoscopic sport markerPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of catheters, artisan lens iris fixated biconvex & silicone oilPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of ureteroscopy sets, blood lactate test strips, duval tissue forceps & humby knife bladesPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of swabs, skin staples, endoscopic linear cutter, laroscopic inguinal hernia kit, unicompartmental knee replacement, vicryl taper point needle & egg bow low density foam sheetPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of vessel dilator, linear cutter, linear cutter reloads & universal staplerPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply & delivery of dressings, deltacast, nebulizers, ivory north nasal fascia maxillo ETT, anal retractor distending speculum, urostomy pouches, endopouch specimen retrieval bag & large dermatomePietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply patient electrode underbody mat, mortuary cleaner, outpatient card, catheters, manifold kit, neonatal clear fluid filter, needles, vessel loops, peel away sheaths, cornea protect gelPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply of linear cutters, rubber gloves, cornea protect gel, crouch corneal protector, tubes, mesh, surgical gloves, tacking fixation devices, embolization coils, pigtail drain sets, smoke evacuation setsPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply of shoulder immobilizers, catheters, polyester mesh, filshe clips, argyle chest drains, ligature cutters, deflux gel, fistula bags, specimen pouches, vessel dilatorsPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply of electrodes, temperature probe covers, catheters, tubes, urethral stent devices, protective powder, biopsy needles, hydrocolloid, evacuator, silicone sheetingPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply of masks, tubes, ties, urine meters, dressings, sharp point nylon, electrostatic filter, diathermy hook, DVT stocking, duel lumen clave, debrider bladesPietermaritzburg2015-04-21
Supply of portable nebuliserPort Shepstone2015-04-14
Supply of medicine boxLadysmith2015-04-16
Supply of cuff & air hose for adult & paediatric, & supply of electric wheelchairsMahlabathini2015-04-17
Supply of cleaning materialLadysmith2015-04-16
Supply of oxygen, acetylene, CO2 gas cylinders & rentalPort Elizabeth2015-04-16
Supply & delivery of fire fighting protection clothing & breathing apparatusRiversdale2015-04-24
Supply & delivery of alcohol metersNelspruit2015-04-15
Supply of conservation equipment & materials for archivesGaborone2015-04-27
Supply & delivery of laboratory consumablesMbabane2015-03-17
Supply of cementGraaff-Reinet2015-04-17
Supply of gas on trial basis to Orapa 2x45MW general electric open cycle LM 6000 dual fuel power plantGaborone2015-04-22
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