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CANCELLED: Supply, cleaning & servicing of portable chemical toilets & servicing of conservancy tanks at Kusile power stationWitbank2014-11-18
Supply & delivery of fertilizers, seeds & agrochemical supplies to Ndonga Linena irrigation projectRundu2015-05-21
Supply of medication: urine dipstix, wintergrren, cholesterol strips, Hep B & Tetavax injections, pregnancy tests, buscopan, strepsils, loperamide, wormstop, etcSaldanha Bay2015-05-20
Service provider for implementation of learnership programme: pharmacist assistance NQF 3Germiston2015-05-22
Supply of heavy duty toilet seat & cleaning materialLadysmith2015-05-21
Supply of argon, oxygen, acetylen, carbon dioxide & various types of gas cylindersCape Town2015-05-22
Supply of anti-bacterial wound dressing, prontosan wound gel, green goggles, disposable fluid resistant coveralls hood covering for heads, thyroidectomy instrument set & 4 Madiba buggiesEmpangeni2015-05-22
Supply of dental items & VH7 epidermic kitLadysmith2015-05-21
Supply & delivery of various paintMossel Bay2015-05-22
Supply of pest control services at Edendale hospital campus, & supply & service of air freshener devicesPietermaritzburg2015-05-22
Cutting & removing of grass & shrubs/small trees on open ground, & collection, transportation & disposal of fluorescent tubes, & supply storage containerPietermaritzburg2015-05-22
Supply of sutures, gauze swabs, adult & child masks, nebulizer masks & haemoscan stripsPietermaritzburg2015-05-22
Supply of opsite, defibrillator redi pack, caesar drapes, extension sets, breathing system, paeds ade circuit, orthopaedic drapes, sealant, laperotomy drape, food trolleys, sterile water & post partum bakri balloonPietermaritzburg2015-05-22
Supply of hot mixEstcourt2015-05-21
Supply of cold mixEstcourt2015-05-21
Cutting, clearing & disposal of grass, noxious weeds & removal of invasive plants in MtunziniEshowe2015-05-22
Supply & delivery of pesticides, Zoo lake training centreJohannesburg2015-05-19
Supply & delivery of pesticidesEast London2015-05-15
Supply & delivery of 5 gas meters with sensors at wastewater treatment worksKrugersdorp2015-05-20
Purification &/or regeneration of transformer oil for 12 monthsKrugersdorp2015-05-20
Supply & delivery of chlorine connectors & brush cuttersPort Elizabeth2015-05-21
Repair of retro fitment of complete fire protection system at gas turbine main systemPort Elizabeth2015-05-20
Supply & delivery of herbicide for control of alien weed & vegetationWorcester2015-05-18
Supply & delivery of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas in disposable cylinderGeorge2015-05-20
Hire of 40m x 40m fully enclosed tent & ground sheets for 30 days, 10 portable toilets including servicing everyday for 30 daysPort Shepstone2015-05-14
Supply, install & commission FM200 clean agent gas suppression system in ICT room 1 & server room measuring 5.021 length x 2.437 widthPort Shepstone2015-05-14
Supply of MMC kits & lubricant gelJohannesburg2015-05-22
Supply of laminating plastic pouches size A4 & A3Mahlabathini2015-05-15
Supply of dressing gauze paraffin, solution antimicrobial 26ml & disposable sterile tapered swabsDurban2015-05-21
Supply of dressing gauze paraffin, mask airway laryngeal, needle bionic 16G AV fistula needle safety device, needle biopsy tru-cut disposable size 14Durban2015-05-21
Supply of floor stripperDurban2015-05-21
Supply of bandages, self adherent silicone foam dressing, venous pressure manometer & wheelchairs (madiba buggies)Empangeni2015-05-15
Supply of sterile water pour bottle 1000mlVryheid2015-05-20
Supply of security uniform, laparoscopic elephant suction shaft, in line mucus extractor, duel lumen clave, neonatal continuous in line suction & bakri postpartum intra-uterine balloon catheter setPietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of dental wires, brite tip sheath, rubber mouth prop, corneal protect gel, pediport, neonatal, antimicrobial film, catheter needle, catheter, cannulaePietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of antimicrobial film, gauze swabs, oxi surgical, dressings, nasal facio maxillo ETT, disc filters, vaginal retractor, laparascopic suction, corneal protector, replogyle, PICC needles, cornea protect gelPietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of urine drainage, prolene, argyle chest drains, catheters, cuffless trache tubes, swabs, barrier film spray, stents, neonatal in line suction, PICC linePietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of abdominal & wound fistula bags, lexmark cartridges, dressings, continuous balloon catheter, ethylene oxide gas cartridges, in line suction, gauze swabs, extension sets & paediatric urine drainage pouchPietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Maintain & service fire detection & alarms systems for 1 yearPietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of various books for teaching, goggles head strap & lenses, surgical packs, electronic column scale & extension setsPietermaritzburg2015-05-19
Supply of boxes for used fluorescent lights, minor services of refrigeration, medical gas plant, medical air compressor, air conditioning, autoclave machines & major service of air handling unitsPongola2015-05-18
Servicing of oxygen gas generator plant & replacement of existing aluminium double door & framePongola2015-05-21
Supply of scrub suits & wrap overs, mattress paracare, blood gas cartridge & CVP ampules, safety hypodermic needlesPort Shepstone2015-05-19
Supply of gauze swabs, renovation of house 11, paving of road, seal roof & painting, replacement of 6 body cabinet & air handling unitMbazwana2015-05-18
Supply of plumbing, painting, carpentry, fitter, electrical material, gauze swabs, collect old linen & installation of nurse callMbazwana2015-05-18
Servicing of liquid petroleum gas, power factor correction & domestic hot water supply boiler, repair of autoclavesMsinga2015-05-19
Supply of medium to heavy duty brown paper & suturesKokstad2015-05-20
Supply of sheets, blankets, nighties, tracheostomy kit, stryker beds, phototherapy eyeshield & oxygen maskPietermaritzburg2015-05-12
Supply of gauze & charcoal dressings, colostomy bags, haemoglucotest, composite mesh & flannel white nightiesPietermaritzburg2015-05-12
Supply of gauze swabs, cotton wool balls, stat-site test cards, rapid test kits, HP laser & Lexmark cartridges, handwas cream & polythene bagsDurban2015-05-19
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