Communication, Public Relations & Advertising (Johannesburg)
Telecommunications (Pretoria)
Engineering: Mechanical (Africa)
Insurance (Africa)
Business Development & SME Support (cape town)


Supply & delivery of fertilizer & pesticides for 10 wardsMount Ayliff2014-09-17
Supply & delivery of first aid kit materialPort Elizabeth2014-09-19
Service & repair of dental compressor, medical gas, autoclaves & genset plant equipmentMbazwana2014-09-19
Supply of clothing, hand paper towel dispensers, IV flow regulator, endozime, surgistain & pest control servicesEmpangeni2014-09-17
Supply of various post mortem instrumentsDurban2014-09-19
CORRECTION: Servicing of Bio-Rad CFX90 real-time PCR instrument at Sea Point research aquariumCape Town2014-09-12
Supply & delivery of paraffinElliott2014-02-10
Supply & delivery of fertilizerEngcobo2014-01-10
Supply & delivery of laquer thinners in 20l containers for road marking paintGermiston2014-09-18
Provision of pest control services for municipal offices, Princess Mandisa Aids Centre & Vryheid officeUlundi2014-09-17
Testing & cleaning of transformator oil at MisverstandMoorreesburg2014-09-17
Training of 10 staff members on water quality management skillsPietermaritzburg2014-09-13
Analysis of potable drinking waterMalmesbury2014-09-18
Supply & installation of pepper gas security systems in substationStellenbosch2014-09-17
Supply & delivery of seedlings, chemicals & conducting soil assessments, harvesting & transportation of timber, & forest guard servicesPiet Retief2014-09-19
Supply & delivery of production inputs in Manyeding irrigation coop projectKuruman2014-09-19
Supply & delivery of fire fighting equipment & inspection, faultering & report, repair & overhaul, mount, install, test run & commissioning, service & supply of parts of fire extinguishers & related equipmentEenhana2014-09-18
Inspection, fault finding & report, repair & overhaul, mount, install, test run & commissioning, service & supply of parts for high, medium & low technology gas equipmentEenhana2014-09-18
Qiagen QuantiTec reverse transcription kit, QIAamp@DNA micro kit & stool kitCape Town2014-09-12
Supply of catheters, disposable graspers, tubes, swabs, blood gas cartridges, diagnostic sets, consumables, servicing of generators & bait stationsEmpangeni2014-09-19
Supply of pest control services at 5 clinics for 12 monthsPort Shepstone2014-09-17
Supply of haemoglobin test stripsDurban2014-09-19
Supply of brother toner & drum, janitor trolley, industrial cleaning machine, medical gas plant, medical equipment, domestic equipment, artisan tools, uniform & operating theatre tablePongola2014-09-15
Supply of pharmacy medicine bin, hand paper towel dispenser, soap dispenser holder, navy skirts, short sleeve dresses, weighing scales, ophthalmoscopes, floor polisher machine & double bucket system with mop wringerLadysmith2014-09-12
Repair of 1 to 5 clarifiers & medical air compressorsDurban2014-09-15
Supply of gloves, plate diathermy split, harvesting of silver, premicath ling line catheter, IC drain bottles & neonatal bilirubin phototherapy equipmentDurban2014-09-15
Supply of medicationSaldanha Bay2014-09-09
Supply of chemical for swimming pool (100 x 25kg chlorine chips & 20 x 50 kg allum suplhate granules)Ladysmith2014-09-10
Supply & delivery of firefighting equipmentNewcastle2014-09-17
Supply & delivery of road marking paintGermiston2014-09-05
Supply & delivery of engine multi-grade oil, 210l drums with pump, hydraulic oil, anti-freeze, grease, power steering oil, measurement mugs, grease for pumps & release agent for metal shuttersGraaff-Reinet2014-09-05
Supply of optical miniature dissolved oxygen/temperature meterSouth Africa2014-05-09
Supply of lubricating oil for marine outboard & outboard motor 150 HPCape Town2014-08-09
Supply of food services, housekeeping, window cleaning, maintenance of sanitary bins & pest controlGrahamstown2014-09-19
Conduct detailed logistics studies & design optimal logistic solutions for Cradock Ethanol projectJohannesburg2014-09-16
supplier databasePretoria2014-09-14
Supply of 50 x 5 litre pool acid, 20x 50kg HTHEshowe2014-03-09
Supply & delivery of diesel at Knysna & Sedgefield municipal storesKnysna2014-05-09
Rental of chlorine gas cylinders at Percy Stewart, Magaliesburg & Flip Human waste treatment works for 3 yearsKrugersdorp2014-09-19
Supply & delivery of 2000l diesel & dressing drawtexDundee2014-09-08
Eradication of alien vegetationJohannesburg2014-09-19
Supply of lubricating oil for marine outboard, & supply of outboard motor 150 HPCape Town2014-08-09
Supply of field shield fire retardant quick deployment MFR canvas & tents, & portable pumpCape Town2014-08-09
Supply & delivery of black shoes, oxygen saturation finger probes for cardiac monitor, insulin needle syringe, short nose clamp for outlet port of plastic container, Eto monitor badges & pediasure fibre ready to hangDurban2014-09-15
Service of oxygen plants, oxygen points & vacuum plant, 2 diesel tanks by removal of debris & solid contaminants, split unit & window wall airconditioners at various clinicsNongoma2014-09-05
Supply & delivery of annual service of generators, supply, install & connect 380v pump & motor at diesel transfer station, & diesel line from main tank to day tank at doctors quartersPietermaritzburg2014-09-09
Supply & delivery stent set bander 7-0FR 75, pest control services, self adhering foam, Urosoft paediatric ureteral stent percutaneous application, neonatal ICU charts & vascular surgery instrument setPietermaritzburg2014-09-09
Supply & install automatic water based fire sprinkler system at linen bankPietermaritzburg2014-09-09
Supply & delivery of END deflaters, deflux gel, incontinence sheath holders, EZ clean megadyne diathermy tips, EZ clean megadyne diatherm tips & megasoft paediatric pateint return electrodePietermaritzburg2014-09-09
Supply & delivery of white road marking paint solvent borneGermiston2014-09-02
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